Can Antilog Vacations entering Mauritius might be a game changing event ?

India based Travel Co. Antilog Vacations has entered Mauritius through direct route. Antilog Vacations offers holiday packages and claims to have World`s biggest collection of Holidays. It would be the first Indian internet company to enter Mauritius. The domestic market can see major upheavals in Tech. based approach by Consumer Business merchants.


We spoke to Founder Abhishek Jaiswal.

Why did you select Mauritius and what are the plans?

Mauritius is ranked high in terms of friendly investment climate and a free economy. We are one of the biggest Travel company in India –Mauritius sector for over five years now. I think Mauritian citizens also deserve to get the premium holiday services. We would hire locally and work with Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) to promote the sector.

What is the future roadmap for Antilog Vacations in Africa?

We should be present in Seychelles , Madagascar ,Reunion and Kenya by the end of this year. We already have an operational presence in most African countries through our outbound travel business in India. This shall help us to establish bases quickly & efficiently. We are actively looking for suitable partners in Africa.

How do you see Mauritius in specific & Africa in general as a market for Travel?

I think Mauritius & Madagascar should be $80Mn, five years from now. Kenya is a big country and should be around $200 Mn alone.

Why is a Tech enabled venture like Antilog Vacations venturing into Brick & Mortar Business?

I see a natural synergy .Rapid Expansion in Brick & Mortar business can only be made possible through Technology .We need to realise that there is a big part of the world which is still not connected. High Value transactions still happen offline, even in penetrated markets like India & China.

What makes Antilog Vacations succeed as a self funded venture?

Frugality & Focus is the key.We deal with more than 20,000 suppliers , 800 Airlines and probably half a million hotels & home rentals. That is roughly twice more than what major ecommerce players in India deal with. We have to deliver value consistently on MoM basis as there is no safety cushion.

What can start-ups do to scale rightly?

Put the Money in right place and try to lead the space. Media and Consulting budgets should be zero. There is no skill that cannot be acquired with patience & time. Starting early is also quite useful.

Everything is on internet ,You just need to look closely .


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