Eli Garcia is a Canadian Chartered Public Accountant (CPA, CGA) and the founder of Lamax Consulting Group, a professional consulting firm that primarily focuses in helping small business owners and entrepreneurs to operate their businesses more efficiently and increase their profits through Market Positioning and Capital Optimization.

Eli has extensive knowledge and direct experience managing companies with over $200 Million in annual sales, he is an inspirational leader with the ability to provide tremendous value to small and large organizations when it comes to capital optimization, re-organization and extracting valuable insights from otherwise dry data.

Mr Garcia has also been mentored by one of the world’s brightest marketing experts in areas like strategic marketing, market positioning, relational capital and performance leverage, his entrepreneurial spirit motivated him to go out on his own, that’s why he decided to create Lamax Consulting Group, to provide his unique skill set to small businesses in order to give them a competitive advantage.

His firm, Lamax Consulting Group focuses on helping small business owners and entrepreneurs primarily in Canada but also Internationally when opportunity arises. He identified a gap in the market place where small business owners didn’t have the available resources and knowledge to become more competitive, create more value and sustain their companies in the long run. He believes that by helping small business owners he’s contributing to a stronger economy and a better world where wealth is shared in a more balanced way.

In your own words what do you do?

Our mission is to help our clients to grow their business by optimizing current resources, increase their customer base by leveraging current and new relationships and claim a bigger market share in their field by establishing themselves as the go to company for their market place.

We offer services in accounting and strategic marketing, this combination of services allows us to provide an unique solution to our clients that is second to none.

What led you to your current business?

My entrepreneurial spirit along with my desire to help small business owners in an evolving and more competitive world. Small businesses are the pillar of a sound economic environment and as such deserve all the help they can get.

Could you walk us through your process of developing your business?

The first insight I had was when I realized I had very valuable expertise that could be used by small businesses in such a way that it would make them so much more competitive. The second insight came from mentoring with a celebrity marketing expert, he helped me to identify further areas of expertise and showed me a different way of creating value to businesses that almost nobody else is doing.

Did you encounter any particular difficulties in the beginning?

Definitely, being in the corporate world for more than 15 years, it wasn’t easy to shift my way of thinking from being an employee to creating my own business. It’s definitely a difficult transition to make that’s why most people don’t do it.

What is your long term plan?

Create long term business relationships with every single client where they see all the value my company can create for them and together make their companies grow much bigger. I see Lamax Consulting Group as the go to company when it comes to value creation for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Could you share with us some industry insights?

The vast majority of small businesses are paying their accountants a fee for services that don’t add much value to their companies. Once business owners realize that there is a new breed of accountants like Lamax Consulting they will start demanding more for the fees they pay and will force accountants to become more of a business partner rather than just taking care of taxes or accounting books, this is what makes us different.

What are some important lessons you’ve learnt about entrepreneurship?

Never ever assume that someone will reject your idea just because you yourself might have some doubts. Let the market place be your guide when it comes to making business decisions, be it a marketing campaign or presenting a joint venture opportunity to a potential partner.

Any tips for achieving success?

Have clear goals and a long term plan, if you don’t know what the finish line looks like how are you supposed to get there, be bold and challenge the status quo that’s what going to make you and your company to stand out.


Website: http://www.lamax.ca

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eliezergarcia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lamaxconsulting

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