Galboss Asia held its inaugural Galboss Asia Symposium 2016 at Grand Hyatt Singapore on 21st July, 2016. The symposium presented sharp, engaging key notes from four dynamic headliners (Aimee Song, Shannon Kalayanamitr, Tan Su Shan and Sabrina Tan), as well as a strategic lineup of seven power panels, comprising over 20 female thought leaders in the digital and global business spheres.

The symposium was attended by close to 300 attendees, amongst them aspiring women entrepreneurs and business leaders, industry leaders, partners and sponsors.

Notable guests at the symposium’s first edition include Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth & Leader of the House, Singapore, Steve Leonard, CEO, SG-Innovate, Deputy Chairman, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and Lee Yi Shyan, Former Senior Minister of Trade, Deputy Chairman and a non-independent, non-executive Director of OUE Hospitality Reit Management and OUE Hospitality Trust Management.

Minister Grace Fu, who attended as a guest, shared her insight on why women around the region are uniquely poised to capitalise on digital disruption in the modern business world: “Technology and the advent of social media have disrupted the evolution of business. Conventional marketing channels and product endorsements are giving way to new influences and communities of consumers. How do women embrace these changes and more critically, harness the power we have as consumer, as designer, as influencer and as entrepreneur? The ones who get it find the global market awaiting them.”

She added, “The Galboss Asia Symposium brings leaders in the field to show their way and have them generously share their advice and insights. It is truly an inspiring and beneficial event for all women venturing in the modern business world.”

Notable speakers at the symposium include Aimee Song, Global Influencer, Founder of Song of Style, Author, Entrepreneur, Shannon Kalayanamitr, Group CMO at ORAMI (formerly MOXYBILNA), Lianne Dehaye, Manager, Southeast Asia, Small & Medium Business, Facebook, Tan Su Shan, Managing Director and Group Head of Consumer Banking and Wealth Management, DBS, Huang Shao-Ning, Co-Founder of JobsCentral, Investor, Business Mentor, and Tan Yen Yen, IT Veteran, Startups Investor, Seasoned Board Director. Other speakers comprised women entrepreneurs, industry leaders and startup investors from across Singapore and the region.

Networking sessions punctuated the key notes and panel discussions, during which key symposium speakers, attendees, partners and sponsors alike came together to share a wealth of experience and insight from across sectors and industries in a warmer, more intimate setting.

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