Personal Branding is all about you. It’s about getting people to understand you and what your persona is all about. You can attract the right opportunities, the right people (which includes employees, customers, partners, and investors), and win the trust of interested parties via building a strong personal brand.

In the past, your personal brand and reputation was only known to your friends and family, but now, thanks to the internet, that’s not the case anymore.

Nowadays, personal branding is essential in ensuring a successful career. It’s basically a guide that will attract the right people and bring in the right opportunities to you.

Word-of-mouth marketing plays a key role in promoting your personal brand. So much, that according to research conducted by CMO, word-of- mouth marketing is responsible for more than 6 trillion dollars of annual consumer spending.

Additionally, a report by McKinsey reveals that brand messages shared by consumers generated more than double the sales that resulted from paid advertisement.

Wondering how to get pro-active with your personal brand and get clients talking about you? Follow the tips below:

Provide Value

One of the first things which you need consider before thinking of how to make people talk about you is to ask yourself the value that you can provide to them.

Is your product or service valuable enough to be recommended by others? If yes, go ahead with the promotion activities, if no, look for ways to improve.

Basically, you have to view the value you provide from a customer’s perspective before you think of advertising them.

If your brand doesn’t reflect an accurate picture of what you represent, you will find a hard time convincing people to buy from you and recommend you.

Connect With Influencers Specific to Your Niche

Your personal brand will gain traction and the light it deserves when more people are convinced that you provide value and are truly worth their time and money.

However, when it comes to marketing, key influencers in your field have a bigger role to play in spreading the word about your brand simply because they have more exposure, influence, and contacts in a particular industry.

For example, if your personal brand is centered around the sports niche, getting Cristiano Ronaldo to spread the word about it will do magic for your brand.

Therefore, make it a priority to connect with key influencers in your field when and where you can by reaching out to them either online via social media, or in real life during industry events.

Get Recommendations From Loyal Clients

Your repeat customers are often your most loyal followers too. These people must have given you recommendations and view you in a positive light.

You can take advantage of this existing loyal customer base to promote your personal brand via making them “brand ambassadors.”

Make them feel special by sending out personalized emails and offer free services or products to them.

They will feel excited and in return they can give you honest video/written reviews there by promoting you.

Publish Great Content

If you want to be regarded as a thought leader and industry expert in a particular field, publish great content in that specific niche.

Create a blog and publish great content around it so that people can flock it in large droves so as to benefit from your expertise.

Once this happens, you can’t stop people from talking about you and referring you to their friends and acquaintances and this will ensure the success of your personal brand.


About the Author

Faisal Wahab Khan

Faisal Wahab is a writer and content marketer at Digital Marketing ROI. He is a part of the writer’s team at which is a blog about Entrepreneurship, SEO and Inbound Marketing. Follow and connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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