(This is part of the series “What are Gen Ys looking for at Work?”, in which I interview Gen Ys, Gen Xs, and others regarding multi-generational issues in the workplace.)

Perx (www.getperx.com) is a Singapore-based startup that was originally launched to provide a replacement for traditional paper loyalty cards. Over the years, it has evolved into a mobile marketing platform focused on helping merchants acquire, learn, and grow customers through targeted mobile marketing, and to build a mobile bridge between merchants and customers.

In this section of the interview, I talk to Hamzah Hassan, a Gen Y Client Manager at Perx, about how leadership has turned him on.

Right. So my work as a leadership development coach and a facilitator is to understand what leadership teams do to turn their staff on. And in particular, Gen Ys, who seem to demand more significance, more challenges, and also career and money, right? So I’m curious how has the leadership team at Perx turned you on or motivated you? Or even demotivated you?
In terms of motivation, I think one thing very important is for the person to be in the right kind of high-performance environment, which facilitates that need to perform, the need to excel, and the desire to bring one’s best to the table.
And in that case, I have that support from our leadership from our CEO who herself is a very high performer and being able to learn from that example and being able to emulate it – that is really very exciting and a very satisfying thing. And in terms of empowerment, we’re essentially told that we have to go make the decision and make the call. And basically just run with it.
We are supposed to challenge the leadership if we feel that something is not being done right or if we think something can be done better.

And have you done that recently and have you lived to tell the tale?
I’m still here talking to you.


It is definitely something that is encouraged over here and if we have an idea, it’s better that it is brought out to the table and explored fully. And I definitely enjoy being able to do that. And being challenged myself while being able to challenge other people. That is a huge motivator in trying to bring new things to the table.

Is it because you are a high performer that you like that challenges? Not all people want that. Some people really just want to be told what to do and go home with that nice little piece of salary.

No, that doesn’t work for me. I mean, to say that money is not a motivation would be wrong. Money is definitely a motivation. However, I want to be able to earn that money, not just be given it.

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