Junior Chamber International Lead Tropicana(“JCI LT”), a non-profit organization continues its mission to empower Malaysian youths in developing entrepreneurial skills by hosting its flagship program, the New Entrepreneur Championship Conference 2.0 (“NECC 2.0”)in Seri Kembangan, Selangor, on August 10, 2019. 

This is the second year NECC 2.0 brings forth the industry’s most knowledgeable speakers, startup communities, young active citizens to collaborate, ideate and spark conversations around local entrepreneurship topics in the conference. Among the influencer speakers are Ernie Chen (PORTMAN College), Audra (FAVE), Jan Wong (Openminds), Melvin Poh (The Asian Entrepreneur), Nicholas Chong (JLD Dragon) and CK Chang (Oxwhite). Highlights of the conference are in-depth discussions on the key market trends, skills required to be young entrepreneurs and experiences of different business models. 

Also included in the topics is what innovation means in an entrepreneur’s world.  

Apart from this conference, JCI LT gathers participation from youngsters for a real-time “Entrepreneur Championship”. This championship, where participating teams will need to solve business case studies and present their solutions in front of a panel of judges. Among the panel judges are Khoo Kar Khoon (Director & Independent Startup Advisor), Kent Chua (Rhombus Group) and Jin Tan (TBV Capital and NECC Founder). The primary goal of this initiative is to create a conducive and practical learning environment for youth to bring their critical thinking, and entrepreneurial skillset to test. More than 35youth applied to take part in the championship.  

The Grand winning team will stand a chance to walk away with a cash prize worth up to RM 2,000 as well as a Championship Trophy, an exclusive media interview from The Asian Entrepreneur Magazine and list of sponsorship gifts worth total of RM20,500. In addition to that, they will also receive mentorship and networking opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts. With the effort to equip them with the necessary knowledge to train their critical thinking, business pitches and other related skills, a pre-event training was given to all contestants. 

“In support of our JCI’s global mission to create sustainable impact among the growing community, we take on the role of everyday changemakers. Hence, we initiated this event concept as such to contribute to better respond to the need of local young entrepreneurs in Malaysia, and help shape the future of youth entrepreneurship. NECC 2.0 act as a key networking platform for entrepreneurs to challenge and learn from one another”, said the Organizing Chairman of NECC 2.0Keith Low.

The President of JCI Lead Tropicana, Ken Lim,applauded the initiative noting that it will help the country to share practices and promote youth entrepreneurship. 

“The ecosystem of young entrepreneurs is important to help create a sustainable economy in the country. Young entrepreneurs must must-know and must-have the right attitude to be innovative, adaptive, and resilient and strive to excel in this challenging market. With the right opportunity such as the NECC 2.0, we can translate the knowledge, into constructive change for young entrepreneurs,” said Ken. He also added that JCI LT is committed to having this entrepreneurship conference annually, to create a positive impact, and helping the nation in advancing entrepreneur sector.


Organizing Chairman (Keith Low) giving opening speech about NECC and its benefits for the youths in the nation.


JCI Lead Tropicana President (Ken Lim) giving introduction about JCI and its contributions for society.

Forum session photo


Forum Discussion: (From Left) Edmund (Emcee), Ernie Chen (Portman College), Audra (FAVE) and Jan Wong (Openminds).


Business Challenge session on stage.

Speakers and judges of NECC 2.0 – (from left) CK Chang (Oxwhite), Kent Chua (Rhombus Group), Keith Low (NECC Organizing Chairman), Ken Lim (JCI Lead Tropicana President), Nicholas Chong (JLD Dragon), Andy Lau (JCI National President), Melvin Poh (The Asian Entrepreneur), Jin Tan (GetGlobal) and Khoo Kar Khoon (Director & Independent Startup Advisor).

NECC 2.0 Champion Team celebrating wining their awards – (From left) JCI National President (Andy Lau), NECC Organizing Chairman (Keith Low), Aden Chang, Amber Yeo, Howard Tan, Hau Hong Lam, Zare Lee and JCI Lead Tropicana President (Ken Lim).

About JCI Lead Tropicana:

In 2015, JCI Lead Tropicana was established by two founders, Sheena Lim and Dato Seri Damien Chua, a protem and affiliation with JCI Malaysia. On 21st September 2015, JCI Lead Tropicana was officially registered with Registrar of Youth under Ministry of Youth and Sports. During the 2015 Annual National Convention at Kota Kinabalu, JCI Lead Tropicana was officially accepted into JCI Malaysia with Dato James Foo as the Charter President. Since then membership strength has steadily increased and flagship projects have been established. Junior Chamber International Malaysia (JCI Malaysia) is a National Organization affiliated to Junior Chamber International (JCI), a worldwide leadership development organization for young people aged 18 to 40.

For media inquiries, kindly contact:

Keith Low

Marketing Director, NECC 2.0.


[email protected]

For more information about NECC 2.0 past and present projects, please visit www.necc.com.my

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