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As history shows in most cases, more than 50% according to many studies and research indicates M&A usually have negative implications for the acquirer rather than the acquired in terms of financial expectations versus reality. Additionally, there are many internal issues that will affect the overall performance of the acquiring company. In a case of […]
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Front lining The Alphabet Press is its Co-Founder and Brand Strategist, Cliff Leong with his firm handshake that is as welcoming as the letterpress experience is with the company itself. Driven by the notion of pursuit and the people that administer these energy into motion, he charts the team’s efforts to project their collective ambition, which […]
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Timothy Tiah holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from University College, London. After graduation, in 2007, Timothy Tiah, alongside his business partner and CEO Ming Shen Cheo, established Netccentric together with the launch of a blog advertising company, Nuffnang. Throughout the years, Timothy has created and executed the monetisation strategies of the core business […]


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