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The coronavirus pandemic raging across the world has taken a huge toll on global lives and economies. Already it is being seen as the most consequential global crisis since the Second World War. To date, the pandemic has forced countries around the world to take unprecedented measures ranging from effectively shutting down their borders shut, […]
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As part of its overall strategy, Netflix actively employs  intellectual properties in its attempt to innovate and secure its long term competitive advantage. Reflecting the nature of its business model which sees several different service offerings, rather than focus on a particular intellectual property strategy, Netflix utilizes a variety of different intellectual properties in its […]
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Blackberry’s business-level strategies can be best understood and appreciated with a careful analysis of its strategic development to date. Importantly, in early 2007, when Apple introduced the world to the iPhone, Blackberry maintained and pursued strategies that did not account for the true disruptive nature of the smartphone. At the time, Blackberry was a highly valued company […]
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It is not hard to fathom the ramifications that crowdfunding pose towards the existing funding gap. To begin with, compared to traditional funding methods, the barriers to access crowdfunding are not high and many platforms are essentially open to anyone. Potentially, anyone with computer and internet access can access these platforms and begin using their […]


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