Mr. Hon Kwok Lung was born in 1955 in Fuqing, a city located in the north-central part of Fujian’s seacoast. He is the Chairman of Citichamp (Holdings) Limited, the Chairman of Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group Limited (00256.HK), and the Chairman of Citychamp Dartong Co., Ltd, (600067.SH). He is currently the Committee Member of the 12th National Committee of The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the Committee Member of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, the Executive Vice President of China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs, and the Honorary Forever President of the Hong Kong Federation Overseas Chinese Associations.

Since his hometown was no more than a poor and backward village, he left his hometown for Southeast Asia soon after he finished high school. Under the supervision of Mr Liem Sioe Liong, one of the greatest Asian business leaders, he quickly demonstrated his talent in business and investment. His hardworking attitude and keen business sense helped him gain more responsibilities within a short time period. In 1988, he returned to his hometown, and brought along his greatest business dream and investments. Within a few years, he developed multiple landmark grade properties in Fuzhou, Fujian provincial capital.

He has never been satisfied with his achievements. It is simply impossible for him to live today just the same as yesterday. In 1993, he laid the foundation of his business empire by founding his own property development corporation. But this time, his new project has moved from provincial capital to national capital – Beijing. His urban redevelopment business model proved successful in the Madian project of Beijing and helped all stakeholders, from local government to residents and investors reach a win-win solution. His first development in Beijing, the CITICHAMP PALACE and the CITICHAMP COMMERCIAL BUILDING, were regarded as elite properties standing in the heart of Beisanhuan with the Madian Bridge, which is unambiguously a landmark property. Later on, his project SUN STAR CITY, a 1.5 million square meter development, became one of the largest property developments in Beijing. In 2002, he brought his property development business to public on Shanghai Stock Exchange, which is Citychamp Dartong Co. Ltd. Citychamp Dartong is also one of the top suppliers of copper wire in China.

He believes “Dream, Passion, Innovation” are the most important competencies for an entrepreneur. The fast growing consumer market in China has fueled his passion of watchmaking. Starting from EBOHR in 2004, he won a tough bid war of ROSSINI in 2008 and therefore established his reputation in China domestic watch business. Since then, ROSSINI and EBOHR have built up outstanding brand image in China. ROSSINI has been ranking 1st in overall market share in the watch category for the year 2013 by China General Chamber of Commerce and China National Commercial Information Centre. It was also ranked 1st in sales volume in the watch category for the 12 consecutive years since 2002. ROSSINI and EBOHR were both awarded “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2014” by the World Brand  Laboratory. ROSSINI was awarded the “Asia’s 500 Most Influential Brands in 2014” by the World Brand Laboratory, and it was the only domestic watch brand in Mainland China that has received this award for seven consecutive years. ROSSINI has been recognized as “High and New Tech Enterprise” and was honored “Government Quality Award of Guangdong Province”.

Of course his dream of watch and jewellery won’t be limited to only domestic brands, which sell a few million watches through a few thousand points of sales already. “I have been to Europe to observe and study for many times. In small suburban town of Switzerland, I have witnessed local watchmakers devoting their life to fine watchmaking. Their persistency and pursuance of perfect craftsmanship impressed me. This is exactly what we need in China,” he said to a journalist one time. In 2011, his watch and jewellery investment vehicle — Hong Kong listed company China Haidian Group (“CHG”; name changed to Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group Limited “CWJ” in July of 2014) acquired ETERNA, a Swiss brand founded in 1856 who has a long and unambiguously reputation in mechanical watch movement development. In 2013, CHG acquired CORUM, one of the top Swiss brands. Due to the elite status of the brand, this transaction has a pervasive influence in not only watch industry but also China-Switzerland business world. The Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce in China honored the company with “the Most Successful Deal in Switzerland 2013 Special Recognition” later of the year. Only one year later, CHG acquired The Dreyfuse Group, which added three more brands – Rotary, JT Windmill and Dreyfuse, to the brand portfolio of the group. Now CWJ has become a market leader in watch design, development, manufacture and distribution, who owns several proprietary brands — both domestic well-known and world class, as well as a vertically integrated supply chain and distribution system. With the recent name change, it is fairly clear that Mr Hon Kwok Lung’s dream and passion are growing.

“The bigger the enterprise becomes, the bigger social responsibility it takes; this is what I learned from the growth of my enterprises.” He has always been passionate in contributing to the society. He is the Honorary Chairman of Hong Kong Fortunate Community Charitable Foundation. He is the Vice Chairman of New Home Association, a charitable association which is committed to promoting a caring prospective Hong Kong society by joining hands together with new arrivals, ethnic minorities and local sectors. In his hometown, he has a long history of contributing to the society. He was honored with “Public Spirited Award of Fuzhou City”, “Outstanding Contribution to the Public Good of Fujian Province”, “2012 Most Social Responsible Chairman” by Directors & Boards magazine, and “Star for Respecting the Aged of Fuqing City”. He specifically believes that education can make a difference thus set up “Hon Kwok Lung Scholarship” in Shanghai Tongji University Education Development Foundation. He funded the “Hon Kwok Lung Academic Building” of Fujian Minjiang College, as well as the “Kwok Lung Science Building” of Fuqing Third Middle School. His enterprises have been title sponsor of many important events, for example, “2nd Silk Road International Film Festival”, “Fuzhou – Yongtai International Road Cycling Race”.

His business achievements have been very well respected and recognized. He was honored “2006 Ten Chinese with Fortune and Intelligence”, “2011 Leader of the Year” by All Asian Leaders magazine, “2012 Forbes 25 Influential Chinese in Global Fashion”, “Ten Outstanding Chinese” by 2013 International Chinese Media Award, and “2013 Charming People” by Southern People Weekly.

Mr Hon Kwok Lung is a winner of the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2015 Hong Kongn, receiving the Special Achievement Award. The Awards were held on 14 October 2015 at Island Shangri-La Hotel, Hong Kong.

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