It may be a cliche to complain that gift-giving is a nightmare, but it does seem to get more and more difficult every year. When it comes to keeping up with trends, tastes and personalities are daunting enough when shopping for a birthday gift, nevermind when it comes to the holidays. 

While Valentines and anniversary gifting may not be all that tricky, the gifting dilemma becomes a concern when you want to be certain your effort will be worth the while. Hardly anyone wants to know their scented candle and bath bomb gift bag is gathering dust in a cupboard.

Fortunately, variety brings with it providence, seeing as there are options for unique gifts that anyone can enjoy. You could open a bitcoin wallet account as a wedding present or gift a useful online course as a congratulation, we have put together a list of our top picks of versatile gift ideas.

Digital Gift Card

The long-standing no-no in gift-giving, the gift card has made a triumphant return by way of the platform-specific digital gift card. Nobody wants a Whole Foods voucher as a gift. 

Perhaps the goofiest of hippie aunts, but other than that, nobody does. The digital gift card acts as a top-up for digital services. An iStore or Google Play voucher can be used to purchase all sorts of digital content. It is also perfect for all ages as options range from games to ebooks.

It may not seem as special as a gift that can be wrapped up since it is digital, but it is a much better option than a physical card to give. You can’t lose a digital gift card since you will have an email with the QR code and number of the card.

One problem with gift cards, however, is when there are only a few dollars left. If the gift card is to a store that they shop at often then this is less of a problem since the residual amount will get spent. If they rarely do, then they are not likely to use the full amount.

Short Course

Tread carefully with this one. A short course for someone who has started a new hobby or interest is a sweet and endearing gesture. A design course for your friend in marketing is a few nasty exchanges away from a fight rather than a faux pas.

Online courses are perfect because anyone can do them at any time, without being inconvenienced by a roster or any formal time management requirements. Be sure to take the person’s interests to heart and practice that discretion!

These days, cooking classes are all the rage when traveling. In fact, some people even go so far as to plan a vacation around some cooking classes at their destination of choice. With Covid-19 wrecking a lot of travel plans, an online cooking class may be very much appreciated.

Hobbies are also a great area to focus on especially in the times we live in now since they are mainly done at home. If your loved one or friend is very passionate about a hobby and they want to take it to another level, then a course is a good idea. This is especially true if the hobby is something creative like woodworking or sculpting.

Direct Donation

This is another one that requires a bit of careful consideration but done right; it’s extraordinary. Donating to a charity is a beautiful gesture, but picking a charity at random is a bit tactless. 

Be sure you are familiar with the person’s passions. By donating in their name to a charity that means a great deal on a personal level can be one of the most touching displays of forethought, consideration and sensitivity. 

Not that this should factor into your decision, but the gift can also be tax deductible since it is a charitable contribution. Make sure to save the receipt so you can deduct the amount from your taxes. 

Digital Investment

Coming back to the bitcoin wallet we mentioned, this is an excellent gift for anyone, particularly if they are starting on a new chapter in their lives. A cryptocurrency investment portfolio is manageable and user friendly, unlike traditional trading. If the person you are buying for is risk averse, then this is an excellent way to help them start learning about investing without taking on any of the risk themselves. 

The other upshot is that it can be used to instil an interest and understanding of financial management in the younger individual. 

You don’t have to go out and make a large investment. Even just a starter account with a small credit makes for a fun and unique gift option. It doesn’t have to be cryptocurrency either. A robo advisor type of an account is also a good way to go since it won’t require much effort on the part of the recipient. 

A Special Activity

Don’t impulsively book grandma a Bungee experience, but do give the idea of an exciting activity as a gift some thought. 

People tend to buy what they want. Traditional gift-giving comes from a time when items weren’t available by way of a simple Google search.

An activity shows a real interest and can be booked as a way to share some quality time. Depending on who it’s intended for you could book a spa treatment, a sporting event, or perhaps even a getaway with that extra special someone!

A box subscription

Everybody loves the gift that keeps on giving. So a box subscription is a great way to go since they experience the joy of receiving a gift every month.

It doesn’t matter what the person’t main interest is, there is probably a box subscription that is tailor made for them. From wine, to snack foods, to trading cards, you can certainly zero in and find the perfect box to delight them with. 

You might even find one for yourself while you are shopping around for the perfect one for your friend. 

About the Author

This article was written by John Moran.

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