Oceancare Corporation Sdn Bhd was established in 2001 by Datuk Balang Rining (Nelson) together with Dato’ Jonathan Loh Jack Yung. Since its inception, Oceancare has been actively engaged as an oil and gas services contractor in Sarawak, Malaysia. Oceancare has developed its competencies and reputation, accumulated vast experiences and created a strong working network within the industry of oil and gas.

Oceancare provides procurement and engineering services to many Petroleum Sharing Contract (PSC) holders in Malaysia including PETRONAS Carigali, Shell Berhad, JX Nippon Oil and Gas Exploration Corporation, MURPHY Oil, Talisman, Petrofac, OPVs and MLNG. Oceancare also actively provides Marine Vessels to the oil and gas industry via Oceancare itself for its subsidiary company, Oceancare Marine Services Sdn Bhd.

Its team, made up of young, dynamic, efficient and enthusiastic individuals, with various backgrounds in engineering, finance and management, drives Oceancare. It aims to progress further in the Malaysian Oil and Gas industry and to continue to build on its hard-earned reputation as a reliable contractor in delivering its commitments safely. In 2006, Oceancare was appointed as a Contractor under PETRONAS Vendor Development Program (VDP). This appointment gave Oceancare the privilege to become a single-source service provider for the scopes approved to all PSC holders.

In 2014, Oceancare won the Gold Winner of the Shell Malaysia Safety Award Year 2013 for upstream category, and won the PCSB 1st Prize over all HSE performance MCOT H1 Service Provider Engagement Session 2014 and 2015, and has achieved ZERO-LTI 6,595,885 Safe Manhours from 2003 to May 2015.

Oceancare has also achieved many QMS certifications such as recertified ISO 9001:2008 / MS ISO 9001:2008 on 27 July 2012, certified ISO 9001:2008 on 28th September 2010, recertified ISO 9001:2000 on 27 July 2009 and certified 180 9001:2000 / MS ISO 9001:2000 on 27 July 2006. Oceancare Corporation Sdn Bhd is also the member of IRATA International (full (Operator) member no. 303 4/0).

The long-term vision of Oceancare is to experience the business’ interest into the ASEAN region mainly in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries in the ASEAN region. Its current vision is to be a service provider of choice for PETRONAS and the oil and gas industry in Malaysia. Oceancare’s Mission is to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders in delivering quality oil and gas service and products in a responsible, efficient, cost-effective, sustainable and ethical manner.

Oceancare’s dynamic team is lead by Datuk Balang Rining (Nelson) who started from humble beginnings. Datuk Balang was born to a peasant family in the interior highland of Sarawak, a village called Ba’kelalan. He started his primary education at SRK Ba’kelalan and his junior secondary school at Sekolah Menengah Kerajan Lawas, in Lawas town and from form one to form three. He moved on to Limbang Town to do his form four and five at Sekolah Menengah Kerajaan Limbang.

Recalling back his childhood days, he had to walk 180km on foot for five days from Ba’kelalan to the Lawas town where he studied his junior secondary school at Sekolah Menengah Lawas. He had to walk through the jungle, climbing mountains and crossing rivers, carrying his own food and other necessities needed for the five days. And he went back home to his village once a year during the holiday for the next five years. “This was a good training ground for me for my future life endeavors. All these hardships makes me a man, of what I am today.”

After completing his secondary education, he went on to further his studies at MARA Institute of Technology. After graduation, he began his job at the banking institution and while working, he took up part-time studies and completed his degree in Master in Business Studies (MBA).

After working in the financial institution for more than 20 years, he quit the bank giving 24 hours notice to the management. He believed he had to burn the bridge behind him so that there would be no turning back. He ventured into business on multi-level-marketing before becoming a private secretary to one of the assistant Ministers in the Sarawak Government. After serving three years, followed by the death of his Boss, he was picked up as a Candidate for a by election, for the state constituency of Bakelalan, of which he won in the 2004. He serves two terms as a state assemblyman until the year 2011.

In the year 2012, he was awarded by the right honorable, His majesty the King of Malaysia, the “Pingat Jasa Negara” which carries the title Datuk because of his active involvement and contribution in Politics.

With regards to his work ethics, Datuk Balang believes that in order to sustain in the market, it is important to ensure the value of money and satisfaction for the clients by providing good services and understand their needs and wants. Datuk Balang always ensures that his companies deliver high and accepted quality services products, and complete the projects within the given time frame as requested by clients.

Datuk Balang personal roadmap to success is that he believes that “Success is a journey and not a destination. It is knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefit others. Although the road may get bumpy and it may require me to learn a new way of looking at life, I will do what it takes and persevere. I will take the success journey.”

He thanks God that he is able to achieve all these through his faith in God and shares hard work to climb the corporate ladder. He is a self-made businessman who possesses a wealth of experiences through years of working in the banking line, and h served as a two-term, state assemblyman in the Sarawak government.

Datuk Balang Rining (Nelson) is a winner of the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2015 BIMP-EAGA, under the Outstanding Category. The Awards were held on 1st August 2015 at Miri Marriott Resort and Spa, Sarawak, Malaysia.

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