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(This is part of the series “What are Gen Ys looking for at Work?”, in which I interview Gen Ys, Gen Xs, and others regarding multi-generational issues in the workplace.) Perx ( is a Singapore-based startup that was originally launched to provide a replacement for traditional paper loyalty cards. Over the years, it has evolved into a […]
Reda Stare has mathematician background, worked in finance industry and ran digital agency before venturing into PlateCulture. She is avid traveller who explored SouthEast Asia for entire year with only 7kgs on her back. Audra Pakalnyte, linguist, worked with start-ups in Asia building online communities, ran human resource department before venturing into PlateCulture. She is […]

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This article was originally published here: Neelu Kaur – Founder of Neelu Kaur Leadership + Wellness Neelu Kaur has found her ideal role helping others in their aspirations. What’s your story? My work is at the intersection of leadership and wellness. I help individuals, teams, and organizations be more productive, peaceful, and purposeful. What excites […]

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New research by the Reuters Institute and Oxford University looks at the effect of tools such as aggregators, search engines and social networks on people’s information diet, concluding that their use tends, in general, to generate more diverse sources than when we simply visit our preferred media pages. A conclusion that, in principle, would challenge Eli Pariser’s well-known theories regarding […]


I highly recommend reading the McKinsey Global Institute’s new report, “Reskilling China: Transforming The World’s Largest Workforce Into Lifelong Learners”, which focuses on the country’s biggest employment challenge, re-training its workforce and the adoption of practices such as lifelong learning to address the growing digital transformation of its productive fabric. How to transform the country […]


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