In the mythical, moving and majestic story of The Lord of the Rings, elf, dwarf, human, hobbit, wizard and walking tree all gather as One. We are moved by their journey, friendship and commitment to a cause beyond their own lives. Remember that all of them were heroes and leaders in their own kingdoms. They could have stayed where they were and continued their lives and ignore the call to come together.

However, the call was so strong, they just had to heed it.

They knew that their companions on the journey, despite their physical and cultural differences, deep inside were actually the same as each other. Their values were the same. They knew that they had no choice, that the world they knew was changing and being led astray, and that they needed to have a Collective Voice to bring the leaders and kingdoms together.

In the Business World, whether it’s at our 5-person startup or 10,000-person corporation, we often champion Diversity, Environment and Social change. Coming together for discussions and making those changes at policies and culture within our international companies is crucial. This June – we invite you to go back to the basics: The need for compassion and wisdom overarching everything we do in life and work. The wisdom to impact, improve, sustain, scale and create with compassion and clarity. The wisdom to unite, not divide.

We invite you as Leaders and aspiring Leaders to come together in our “Lord of the Rings” gathering. June 18-19 2015, Suntec City Singapore.

Wisdom 2.0 Asia

Conversations between spiritual and business leaders on how to live a deeper life in this digital age.

How to hear the inner call and wisdom amongst the noise and distractions of the world.

How to deal with the battle within – instead of bringing it out into the world.

Who will be gathering?

Leaders wanting to lead with compassion.

People who want to make a change in the world.

Mothers who want their children to grow up in a world they choose , not one that was inflicted on them.

Fathers whose vision for life includes values and impact.

And YOU!

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Group Rates and CEO packages are also available. Please do connect with me for more info.


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