Japan’s leading innovator of electric two- and three-wheeler manufacturer, Terra Motors Corporation unveils S750 on March 17th 2015. S750 is the succeeding model of A4000i & A2000 that is created to expand the e-scooter/e-bike market worldwide.
Terra Motors launched A4000i, the world’s first e-scooter with smartphone connectionas our flagship model in September 2014. Terra has received more than 300 orders of A4000i from Japan, Vietnam, Italy and Iran in the first 3 months. We also have delivered over 1,000 units of A2000 “e-scooter for everyone” after launching in January 2015.

Following these successes, Toru Tokushige, CEO of Terra Motors is proud to present the launch of S750.
S750 is the world`s first e-bike designed by Japanese company in the world. We kept the stylish design of A4000i and A2000 but also strived to achieve the reasonable price as well to expand our market.
S750 holds high specifications despite the fact it is an electronic bike. MAX speed available is 40km/h, runs 50km on one full charge and is able to drive anywhere with the pedals. The colors are provided in white, blue and red.
The first availability of S750 will be in Vietnam at the end of March 2015. Terra Motors Vietnam plans to open 50 showrooms by the end of 2015. Top of everything else, Terra Motors is scheming to make distributor agreements in 10-15 countries worldwide in 2015.
Suggested retail price is approximately under US$1,000 for S750. (This fluctuates depending on duties and taxes in each country.) Terra Motors will continue to launch the product line of electric bikes with competitive prices to satisfy more market demands in 2015.
Terra Motors will continue to expand its customers with S750 to achieve their vision of “leading innovations with electric vehicles in creating clean & sustainable society”.
About Terra Motors
Terra Motors Corporation is an electric two & three wheeler manufacturer in Japan.The company was established in 2010 and has the largest market share in Japan. It is
headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo. It`s overseas affiliated firms are located in India,Vietnam, Bangladesh, and etc…Investors include Mr. Nobuyuki Idei (former President of Sony Corporation), Mr. Koichiro Tsujino (former President of Google Japan) and Mr. Kenji Yamamoto (former President
of Apple Japan and former Vice-President of Sales at Apple Inc. in the USA).
For more information, visit  at http://www.terra-motors.com/
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