Viktor migrated with his family from Russia to Germany as a young child. He grew up in Bavaria but has had some personal experiences with the difficulties in immigration. Nevertheless despite the difficulties experienced, Viktor persevered and was able to excell in his academics. Due his own background, Viktor is multilingual and also by many means multicultural, traits which were positive for his personal development and views.

Since his early years, Viktor always tried to comprehend the bigger picture of events; he was also passionate about seeing new places and experiencing foreign cultures. By the age of 20 as a result of his proclivities, Viktor went to the military and began experiencing conflict zones. Naturally, Viktor started to immerse himself into conflict zones as a subject matter. He educated himself on this topic and started to assist and become involve with projects in the area of Security. Furthermore, Viktor became actively in the area of the terrorism research. His military career proceeded very well and also offered him the opportunity practice on this subject. In his free time, Viktor engages in social projects to help children around the world.

In your own words what do you do?

Many companies penetrate markets which are in war or crisis areas or just in unsafe environments. NGOs do great work in such areas and journalists as well. All these activities carry a big risk and you have to know this. This is where I come in. For these clients I define precisely the risk, threat and crisis of such areas through analysis. I deliver them a precise overview of the events and work out what that can mean for their projects. It all goes over analyses in the current conflicts or circumstances in the country. Who is involved and what is the political situation. What areas are most at risk? And on the basis of it, an accurate concept will be produced for the customer, to reduce those risks as much as possible. Intercultural competence also plays an important role. Also, I work with a large network of experts in this area and can handle many aspects which needed to keep in mind. Lectures focusing on terrorism and its effects are another field of my business.

What led you to your current business?

Through many years of experience in the military, I know very well this risk environment and have collected many experiences. As a result, I can accurately assess many areas and understand the situation. My Professional Experience and my activity on International Security projects presented an excellent basis for this Business.

Did you encounter any particular difficulties in the beginning?

At the beginning it was difficult to develop an accurate work process, so that it is understandable for people outside the industry. Also, to limit the area of activity has been very important. So I focused on the main aspects and my strong points

What is your long term plan?

In the long run I aim for a top-class enterprise which also can help on security policy level.

I would also like to address conflicts at the roots and start for the future prevention projects to break the conflict cycle.

What are some important lessons you’ve learnt about business?

It is sometimes fought with filthy means in the business. It is important not to let go on this standard.

Any tips for achieving success?

Absolute focus on the aim and focus at work. As well persistence and the permanent development of one’s own.





Mail: [email protected]

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