“If you want to measure your success, count the smiles you have brought on tired faces and difference you have made in the lives of people” is what Shailza, founder director Chaloletsgo! believes in.



Shailza Sood Dasgupta, a passionate travel writer, completed her studies from Himachal and came to Delhi chasing her dreams. After gaining enough experience with companies like Google and McKinsey she left the corporate world to follow her dreams. At that point all she had was a thought and confidence of making it happen. “I wanted to make difference in life of others and mine through travel” she recalls.

She started to explore lesser known destinations across the country. On one such journey she met Vinod Verma, a Delhi based travel photographer, an avid biker and a former hotelier.

With the mission of spreading happiness through travel they started Chaloletsgo! in 2010.



A year’s extensive research and travel helped the duo build a strong network of locals who knew inside out of their place. They utilized this time understanding the pulse of travel clients and made some unique itineraries to lesser known destinations of India. These itineraries immediately clicked in the travel world, as at that point in time people were bored of regular touristy destinations and were looking to explore the unknown destinations. Also, people were quite keen to mingle with locals and understand the culture of the places which was the highlight of their itineraries. Being a travel writer and a photographer duo, they had an edge above other players.

In just 5 years they captured the Delhi market. From being a new comer in the travel market struggling to find their place they established themselves as one of the top travel advisors in Delhi. They are now looking to cater to the national and international market.

They believe that travel is not just going on a vacation to any exotic destination, but an experience that needs to be well crafted as per the interest.

Choosing a right destination as per taste, interest and time in hand, getting like-minded people together as co travelers, making effective itinerary so as to be at the right place at the right time and effectively put together all this within budget – everything works together to make a Happy Memorable Experience.. And that’s where Chaloletsgo! and their travel experts come into picture. After having a detailed discussion with the client on his requirement and his idea of ideal vacation, the Chaloletsgo! Travel Experts plan a trip and offer an end-to-end solution to their clients.

Working of Chaloletsgo! is focused on the relationship between the client and travel expert who act as an advisor not just before going on a trip but all along the journey till the client comes back with a smile.

Bringing this new concept in travel industry was not easy. While many took them as any other travel agent, people who have travelled with them or availed their services knew exactly where the difference lies. It’s through word to mouth and references that they have grown themselves into one of the top travel companies of Delhi.

They have planned unique trips for more than 5000 people and helped them discover the joy of exploring. This is what their HAPPY customers say about them:

“I had a wonderful trip with you guys. I never felt like I am travelling with new people, Chaloletsgo buddies made me feel like a family. Very well organized with like minded people. Hope to travel with Chaloletsgo! again very soon.”   ~ Seema Kaushik


“Thanks Chaloletsgo! it was really a lovely trip. You guys are the best at exploring new places. In future I do not need to think twice, I am very sure with Chaloletsgo! everything will be best.”    ~ Prerna Bhushan


“It was an awesome trip. We went like strangers and came back like close friends. They fulfilled more than they promised.

~  Nita Verma

 Chaloletsgo.. Spreading happiness



To expand their horizons, they are now venturing into schools with a unique concept in educational trips that combines the pleasures of travel and the treasures of learning.

Through their innovative educational fun trips they aspire to instill in kids the attributes like being a good team player, thinking independently, taking quick decisions etc. that are must in today’s competitive world; Grow their interest in nature, its conservation and how they can contribute towards saving our assets and Impart knowledge about the off-beat career options available these days through various interesting talks and discussions with eminent personalities from various fields. The trips will be designed to be effortlessly educational and absolute fun.


For more information www.chaloletsgo.com


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