(Women on Top in Tech is a series about Women Founders, CEOs, and Leaders in technology. It aims to amplify and bring to the fore diversity in leadership in technology.)

Neha Bagoria, Founder of Tapu Sustainable Solutions, an innovator and water conservation enthusiast with a vision to alleviate issues like climate change and environmental burden. With experience of 8 years in technology innovation and whose passion to conserve potable water, led her to develop innovative green technology product, EcoTrapIn (Patent applied for) – waterless urinal.

 What makes you do what you do?
Passion defines what makes me do all I do. I am an innovator and water conservation enthusiast, embarked on entrepreneurial journey to save natural resources and improve sanitation. As debated, next world war will be on water, saving it for better future is in my bucket list!

How did you rise in the industry you are in? 
In depth market research is extremely important to get sustainability in any competitive market. I have always been keen on water conservation and sanitation that led to the innovation of EcoTrapIn waterless urinal. Passion with competition analysis helped me to tap the vibe of waterless urinal industry. I understood the customer pain points and addressed it in their favor to gain foothold.

Why did you take on this role/start this startup especially since this is perhaps a stretch or challenge for you (or viewed as one since you are not the usual leadership demographics)?
I started my career in software with a master’s degree in computer science and worked around it for 4 years. Shortly after changing three jobs, I realized it’s just money and no direct contribution to society. Since I have an affinity for water conservation and wanted to work in high social impact area, I started doing research in waterless technology in sanitation space.  I found that waterless urinal is an unexplored area with huge potential for water conservation and convert hygienic restrooms. I went ahead and took the plunge as it is aligned with my vision for the environment and for the society.

Do you have a mentor that you look up to in your industries or did you look for one or how did that work?
Yes I have mentors and they helped me hone my entrepreneurial skills over the period of time. Being part of various entrepreneur organizations, I am fortunate to have mentors. Each of them helped me reach business and high social impact goals.  I took their expert advice for various important business decisions when needed.

How did you make a match if you did, and how did you end up being mentored by him/her?
One of my mentors whom I met in Humanist Organization was keen to help me in an innovative technology for waterless urinal. He gauged my passion for water conservation and went ahead to support me with his expert knowledge.

Now as a leader how do you spot, develop, keep, grow and support your talent?
I believe talent should be nurtured from time to time in order to reap its timely benefits. People who are able to follow their passion can certainly go a long way in their career. Passion has led me into the innovation of waterless urinal technology and helped me reach my goal to conserve potable water.

Do you consciously or unconsciously support diversity and why?
Entrepreneurship has equipped me to tread in the unknown territories to succeed in the industry. It’s important to be versatile and be able to perform various roles in the journey of being an entrepreneur.

What is your take on what it takes to be a great leader in your industry and as a general rule of thumb? 
Waterless urinal is the need of hour that saves tons of potable water and converts urinal into odorless. Leader has to be innovative with technology that is customer centric to stay in the industry. The rule is to inspire and lead with technology that is ergonomic and eco-friendly.

Advice for others?
It’s important to seek your inner calling. Finding your life’s purpose sometimes takes time but once you get hold of it, it will certainly bring lots of clarity. Chances are high to succeed with goals that sync with your passion in life.


If you’d like to get in touch with Neha Bagoria, please feel free to reach out to her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nehabagoria/


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