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Empirics Asia: Democratising Collective Knowledge in Asia

Empirics Asia is an innovative, open-access knowledge sharing platform that fosters a collaborative environment for the exchange of insights, ideas, and experiences across Asia. By providing a democratic space for experiential knowledge to be collectively published, shared, and accessed, Empirics aims to enrich lives through an innovative form of social journalism, digital crowd publishing, and collective discourse that is actionable, practical, educational, and inspirational.

The Rise of Asia

Asia has been gaining significant attention in the recent decade due to its rapid cultural and socio-economic developments. Over the past decade, the region has experienced unprecedented growth, but a pervasive veil has hindered a practical understanding of Asia, resulting in a knowledge gap, particularly from an experiential perspective. Empirics aims to bridge this gap by providing access to a practical understanding of the region through collective publishing from authors and participants at the grassroots level.

The Empirical Mission

Through its open-access publishing operations, Empirics creates an active community where collective experience, innovative ideas, and intelligent insights are shared across communities. The ultimate goal of Empirics is to democratize access to knowledge, making it more inclusive and accessible to a broader audience.

Origins & Evolution Of Empirics Asia

Empirics Asia was originally founded as The Asian Entrepreneur, a business publication, by former Harvard University students and alumni. The organization grew to become the world’s most authoritative non-profit business knowledge platform on Asian entrepreneurship, amassing thousands of active authors and published articles whilst achieving substantial readership in over 40 countries. By 2020, The Asian Entrepreneur had become the largest repository of content on the topic, working with notable governments and important stakeholders throughout Asia to advance the scene through various educational initiatives and programmes. With numerous accolades and award recognitions, The Asian Entrepreneur’s work has been widely recognized and acknowledged throughout the international community. In 2021, The Asian Entrepreneur was expanded and officially rebranded to Empirics Asia to offer its unique mode of publishing to a wider range fields in the social sciences. Today, Empirics Asia has become an innovative media company on a mission of democratising knowledge through its publishing activities and portfolio of digital offerings.

Key Features

  • Open-Access Publishing: Empirics provides a democratic avenue for experiential knowledge to be collectively published, shared, and accessed.
  • Collective Discourse: The platform fosters a collaborative environment where collective experience, innovative ideas, and intelligent insights are shared amongst regional communities.
  • Actionable, Practical, Educational, and Inspirational Content: Empirics aims to enrich lives through its unique form of social journalism, digital crowd publishing, and collective discourse.

Empiricism Incorporated

Empirics Asia is based on the principles of empiricism, which emphasizes the importance of experience and observation in understanding the world. Empiricism is a philosophical approach that emphasizes the role of sensory experience and observation in the formation of knowledge. In the context of Empirics Asia, this means that the platform relies on the collective experiences and insights of its authors and participants to create a comprehensive and practical understanding of the region.


Empirics Asia is poised to revolutionize the way knowledge is shared and accessed in Asia. By providing a platform for collective publishing and discourse, Empirics aims to bridge the knowledge gap and democratize access to knowledge. With its origins in The Asian Entrepreneur, Empirics is well-positioned to continue its mission of enriching lives through open-access knowledge sharing.

"The whole point of the empirical is to take theory down to Earth and help us grow our true understanding."​


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