Aleees’ core business is the production and operation of the LFP cathode materials, battery cell design and electric buses. We are dedicated to developing total solutions for alternative energy. We reach a sustainable development of environmental protection, to take the corporate sustainability responsibility. Through our state of the art technology on cathode material, battery, and e-bus, Aleees hopes to reach Equal Price for Gas and Electricity; further more, to accelerate the reform of industries, reducing the dependence of government subsidy. We also encourage corporate governance to improve the character of humanity though self spiritual examination, and give back to world and nature environment.


Diesel buses are still popular in various countries as city buses and passenger buses. However, diesel buses cause air pollution through the emission of gas and smoke, suspended particles, NOx, SOx, CO and CO2. These are not only harmful to a person’s health but also damaging to the global environment as they cause acid rain, ozone depletion, and greenhouse effect. Furthermore, automobile emission is considered to be the major source of air pollution in cities. Electric buses can solve most of these problems and is becoming a popular trend nowadays. Electric buses do not generate any air pollution during operation.

Framework and Strategy

Aleees’ business strategy is to produce the electric buses for urban use and operate the buses more efficiently through improving the battery technology. By maximizing the number of passengers per day per charge, Aleees can successfully increase the efficiency of E-Buses both economically and environmentally. This is also how Aleees fulfills its social responsibility, starting with our core business and enhance the beneficially of our business. By doing so, Aleees became a part of positive cycle, not just altruism but also benefit ourselves.

Achievement and Impact

Aleees owns a well developed cathode material technology, lithium iron phosphate; cooperate with our state of art battery technology, Aleees’ ultimate goal is to create a world where electric buses can operate at the same costs as diesel buses. Meanwhile, Aleees carries out the cradle to cradle concept, initiating the “Second-use applications of Lithium-ion Battery League” to apply the technologies of the league members to the retired batteries, including test, classification, sub- capacity, re-production and renovation, to convert the used batteries to other storage systems. An industrial revolution of the second application of retired batteries is jointly initiated by the league members. Our Company works with customers to collect the end-of-life batteries. The useless battery cells are disassembled to recycle the cathode material for reuse. Under the solid teamwork between Aleees and the “Second-use applications of Lithium-ion Battery League”, the target of zero waste will likely be reached through multiple recycling mechanisms. Aleees follows CSR values to manage the whole company, and was evaluated top 5% of TWSE’s Corporate Governance Evaluation two years in a row.

Future Direction

Based on the concept of sustainable development, Aleees is committed to developing affordable green transportation systems by innovating technology and upgrading battery technology to reach Equal Price for Gas and Electricity to further expand the market of EV. With the efforts of our production chain partners, we work together to reduce the amount of fine particles and thousand tons of carbon emissions in the air, in hopes of creating a green and comfortable living environment and bright future for the next generations. Through self spiritual examination, we wish shareholders can build a positive cycle to effect people thus contribute to the society and the world because Aleees.

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