In its launch edition, The Asian Business Leaders Conclave had clearly established itself as the pre-eminent economic platform for candid discussions between leading business personalities, government leaders and policy makers. The conclave covered important aspects of intra-regional Asian ties, the changing equation and dynamics of ASEAN, digitization and its impact on Asian business and the case for Asian corporates to come together to work towards establishing Asia as the silver lining in the changing world economic dynamics.

The 2019 Edition tooka step closer towards the Dragon as it brought the third edition of one of the most sought-after regional platforms to Hong Kong. A vibrant, international city and a leading global business, transportation and communications hub, the bustling metropolis epitomizes the best of Asia.

Centred on the theme of “Rethinking Asia”, this edition of the Asian Business Leaders Conclave highlighted new age businesses and business leaders and their vision and ideas on how to transform the Asian economy with a greater focus on Innovation, R&D, Sustainable balanced growth in Infrastructure and revamping and retrofitting existing industrial hotbeds.

The 3rd edition opened with the CEO Breakfast Meeting on the subject of ‘Intensifying economic cooperation and increasing innovation and entrepreneurship in sectors of mutual interest’, led by Darell Leiking, Minister of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia, Puneet Agrawal, Consulate General of India to Hong Kong, and Akhil Bansal, Deputy CEO, KPMG India.

The Honorable Mrs. Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, Chief Executive, Hong Kong Special Administration Regionin her Chief Guest Address on ‘Greater Integration of Asian Economies For Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in the Region’ said, “ I understand that this is the third edition of this very exciting event and I hope that Economic Times of India will come back more often to Hong Kong for this gathering of the Asian business leaders. On behalf of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, I’m delighted to welcome you – some 500 business, finance and government leaders from all over the world – to Hong Kong for this Conclave, under the timely theme of “Rethinking Asia.” This is a welcome opportunity to focus on sustainable and inclusive growth for Asia.”

“We’re certainly in the right place at the right time. Since taking office in July 2017, I have been advocating new roles of the Government in order to scale new height and we have adopted a new tagline for branding our city, and that is, to connect and excel. Indeed, you can say that we are reshaping our city for the economic promise that this 21st century will surely bring the countries and economies of Asia, Hong Kong very much included. Of course, we remain the world’s bridge between East and West, as between Mainland China and the rest of Asia. Our role of connecting companies, economies and cultures continues to grow, and we continue to find fresh ways of helping businesses and people to excel, whatever it is they’re building or pursuing, whatever their ambitions or their vision.”

YB Datuk Ignatius Darell Leiking, Minister of International Trade and Industries, Government of Malaysia in his keynote address spoke on the Role Malaysia aspires to play in regional integration and advancing stability, Building Prosperity and addressing Global Challenges. In his meeting with key representatives from the Economic Times he mentioned that they are looking forward to working together with the Economic Times to reorganize Asian Business Leader Conclave back again in Kuala Lumpur

Akhil Bansal Deputy CEO, KPMG Indiaopined that Asia Pacific, attributing  for 58.6% of the total market, is right at the forefront of the e-commercerevolution, backed up by major developing economies such as India and China 

Nikhil Arora Managing Director – GoDaddy India. Former Asia Operations Head atWework. Former Vice President and Managing Director at Intuit India, commented that The Next Generation is accelerating innovation and shaping the future today. It’s an amazing feeling to mentor young innovators, and help them bring their ideas to life!  

Sonam Wangchuk the Founder of SECMOL HIAL was recognised today as one of Economic Times’ ‘Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia’. 

The 3rd Edition of Most Promising Leaders of Asia Coffee Table Book was unveiled at the event. This coffee table book chronicled the success stories of up and coming leaders who are an important part of the story of a resurgent Asia.

The conclave hosted entrepreneurs, business owners, policy makers and senior government authorities from all across Asia, proving to be a great platform for cultural exchanges that helped understand the common aspirations of Asians across borders and bring economies closer together. 

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