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With a background in hospitality, Anjali Nihalchand started a Brand Marketing, Communications & PR business to help medium size hospitality and lifestyle brands. What’s your story? I’m a Hong Konger of Indian heritage who’s lived in California and Paris, and travelled to countless countries both for work and personally. My story is effectively the collection […]
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Today, The Asian Entrepreneur has the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Leslie Liu who is the Corporate Vice President of JD Group, Head of JD Cloud Ecosystem. JD Cloud, an innovative and rapidly developing business division of Of course, needs little introduction, founded in China in 1998, JD has grown to become one of the world’s […]
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(Women on Top in Tech is a series about Women Founders, CEOs, and Leaders in technology. It aims to amplify and bring to the fore diversity in leadership in technology.) Here is our interview with Monica Kang, an Asian American entrepreneur based in Washington DC, who focused on empowering people with creativity. Monica is the CEO […]

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Access over ownership. After decades of excessive consumerism, this prospect sounded revolutionary. At first. Now that the sharing economy has become mainstream, more critical voices are appearing. So, what will it be? Empowerment or exploitation? A revolution or business as usual? Before getting to the heart of the matter, I’d like to set something straight: […]
Although managing a business, or even a small part thereof, is a complex task, the solutions for solving problems often seem deceivingly simple. Managers resolve even the most complex issues with a two-by-two matrix or simple lists of steps. Most management books simplify the complicated world of business by providing attractive solutions with a high level of […]

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As we organize human work and learning at fantastic scales, let’s strive for something inspiring. Through our relationship with machines, humans are building a new, synthetic intelligence. Organizations are the home for this part-human, part-machine intelligence. The topic to which we now turn is the role organizations play in coordinating the immense scale of work and […]


I highly recommend reading the McKinsey Global Institute’s new report, “Reskilling China: Transforming The World’s Largest Workforce Into Lifelong Learners”, which focuses on the country’s biggest employment challenge, re-training its workforce and the adoption of practices such as lifelong learning to address the growing digital transformation of its productive fabric. How to transform the country […]


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