The power of female leadership is often underplayed. But recent changes in our world has opened up more opportunities for women take the top helm. Recently, more and more countries have opened up to appointing or electing a female leader. Whether in politics, sciences, or business, women are getting a better chance in landing a top spot. But not always so in the world of technology.

In an industry said to be dominated by men, finding a job in the field of technology for women may seem quite daunting. Silicon Valley is still very much steered by men as only 18 percent of leadership positions are held by women according to a survey by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The survey further stated that only 10 percent of women get the tech jobs in big tech companies.

But if given the chance, women who get to lead a tech company are able to generate 20 percent more revenue than male counterparts according to a Forbes report, while having a woman founder in a tech company resulted to 60 percent better performance when compared to an all-male one.

Here are some fine examples of women who have broken the gender barrier in the technology industry.



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