Anmol started trading during his early college years without much luck. After a year or so he discovered a pattern that allowed him to go from 0 to a profitable trader. To date, He has generated a lot of profits for himself and his investors in trading wins and continues to remain a stock and forex trader. He is also an avid real estate investor with a large portfolio and has funded two other tech-based companies. His portfolio also includes Franchise Stores in the Automotive Sector. Today He spends most of his day managing funds and working with students of Live Traders which he co-founded in 2014.

So what do you do today?

I am a Entrepreneur and Investor involved with multiple ventures and a Stock Market and Forex Trader

What led you to your current business?

I graduted from college with a honors degree in Business and Management however despite the good grades was unable to secure a job, which led me to start my own businesses. I found a mentor that taught me how to trade the financial markets and i used that as a stepping stone to create income to fund my other business ventures.

Did you encounter any particular difficulties in the beginning and how did you overcome it?

In the early stages, your mindset has the biggest impact on your business and your trading. How you overcome obstacles determine whether you’re going to succeed or not. When is started, I did have the mindset for success which caused me to look at hurdles as obstacles. But I overcame it by thinking of them as growth opportunities and challenges rather than problems. That subtle change in my mindset made all the difference in my trading and in my business.

What is your long term plan?

My Long term plan is to be diversified across different sectors and industries. I will be heavily involved with real estate development in the long run. In the meantime, I am focusing on building my brand so I am fully prepared for the future.  My plan would be to have an army of traders, trading my capital using the training I provide them, as well as have a portfolio containing Stocks and Real estate and using my knowledge to generate market beating returns.

Could you share with us some industry insights?

In Trading there is a 90-90-90 rule which basically means 90% of the traders, lose 90% of their money in first 90 days. This might sound like a alarming fact, but this fact is often distorted or misused in the media in order to keep investors and traders away from taking control of their investments and do it themselves. This is done to discourage them from learning how the markets work and to trick people into thinking Wall Street has your best interest in mind and since you are not educated enough or graduated from an ivy league school, You should hand your money to one of those slick Wall Street managers wearing a pin striped suit. The truth however is very different. With basic training and understanding of how the markets work, A trader can get better returns himself than he would get with a hedge fund or mutual fund manager. No Background or previous experience is required. What is required is just an open mind and willingness to learn and basic understanding of market cycles. That is how me and my students continue to generate market beating returns often making the hedge fund and mutual fund returns look like peanuts.

What are some important lessons you’ve learnt about entrepreneurship?

The most important lesson is to think Big. I have often been guilty of this too , Guilty of not thinking Big enough. But nowhere does this stand more true than in business. If you want to make a Billion dollars, You need to solve a 10 billion dollar problem. Often people are focused on making the next buck, without realizing their actual true potential. Thinking inside the box will never bring you success. It’s better to dream big and find smaller successes than to think small and never accomplish anything at all.

Any tips for achieving success?

Biggest tip, I can give people is to STICK TO ONE THING. It’s sad seeing people jumping from one thing to another whereas if they just stuck to one thing for the long haul they would be much more successful than they are or pretend to be now.
Last year they were trying to trade stocks, a few months later they were trying to trade Forex, Then they tried to sell T-shirts, after that joined some MLM company, then moved onto another MLM company because they thought that company was better.

When they did not make what they thought they would make, they started focusing on another gig or another side hustle, All this while not realizing that they are just bouncing around in nothingness and not actually creating anything of value and have nothing to show for. Now I see the same people jumping on the next craze into the world of bitcoins.

Take note, They would eventually move away from even this few months from now and would be doing something else, This is a Disease. The Cure is taking action and sticking to one thing until you are absolutely sure that you have given it your best and have given it your all.

Stop chasing the next shiny object, There is no holy grail and there is no get rich quick. There is no substitute for hard work

You give a man a strategy that is sure to make him a millionaire in 10 years, In an attempt to achieve those results in just 1 year, He tinkers with that system and in so doing he won’t become a millionaire not even in 20 years.



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