The Asian Entrepreneur talks efficiency and quality with Bala Tripura Sundari, Founder of Involute Institute, a Skill Development Organisation that strives to bridge the skills gap in the manufacturing sector and make technical education relevant to the industry’s needs. Involute Institute is supported by the National Entrepreneurship Network through the NEN-SAP Emerging Entrepreneur Mentoring Program, in which SAP executive mentors and grant funding enabled Bala’s organisation to tackle its business challenges and scale up successfully.

Bala Tripurasundari SAP Mentorship Experience

The industry is benefited, as an efficient and productive workforce brings in better returns and quality production. It enhances employment opportunities and growth prospects for youth.

Knowledge Gap

Bala is on the board of Involute Automation, a company specialising in automation working closely with the automotive industry for the past forty years. While recruiting people, Involute Automation saw that the new breed of youngsters coming out of technical training institutes lacked even basic technical skills, making many of them unemployable. When interacting with the customers and suppliers, it was obvious that this problem was pervasive. This is where Involute Training was born.

Involute 1

Major Transformation

India needs a major transformation in the education sector. At a macro level, the majority of people are certified in courses that are not in demand now. They also lack the skills that are needed in that role. To change this, it will take significant government-driven efforts and time. So the need now is to create supplementary training to create the right number of people for the right jobs.

Competitive Advantage

At Involute, the training is role-specific and the duration of the course is only 8 to 10 weeks. A candidate certified by Involute is sure to possess certain specific deliverables, technically and behaviourally. This is what sets us apart and is respected by all our customers.

Involute 4

Unstoppable growth

Scaling up from 50 batches of students since 2010 to training up to 3000 students to date was a challenge but collectively did it more or less seamlessly as our team had planned for this much ahead in advance. Involute Institute defined and tested processes with the help of the team from SAP even before we started the batches.  At Involute, we are very passionate about transferring skills to the youth as we can see that lives are transformed in a big way.

Involute 2

The future

Bala’s personal goal is to be able to achieve and maintain leadership in the technical education space. In addition, she would like to lead Involute to its fullest potential.

At Involute, they strive to deliver results together, respect people and try to bring out the best in everyone, be it employees or students.

Involute Institute of Technical Training (IITT)
Facebook: Involute Institute of Training

Bala Tripura Sundari
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