[Singapore, 8 September 2014] – The Chope Group, Asia’s premier restaurant reservations provider, today announced a strategic partnership with TripAdvisorTM, the world’s largest travel site*, enabling TripAdvisor travellers to book tables at 300 restaurants across Singapore via Chope. The partnership will see TripAdvisor offering its large travel community of 280 million unique monthly visitors** immediate access to Chope restaurant bookings. This will be available through both TripAdvisor’s website and mobile app.

“There is no bigger name in the world of travel than TripAdvisor and Chope is excited to forge a deep partnership with TripAdvisor to help travellers everywhere make restaurant bookings more seamlessly,” said Arrif Ziaudeen, CEO of Chope, a Singapore-based entrepreneur who set up the company in 2011 shortly after graduating from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. With a keen understanding of the vast travel and dining market in South East Asia, Chope is poised for rapid expansion with the new strategic alliance.

“TripAdvisor helps travellers plan and have the perfect experience, whether that’s at a restaurant or on holiday,” said Aaron Hung, Director of Partnerships, APAC, TripAdvisor. “Not only is Singapore a popular travel destination, it is also widely recognised as the food capital of Asia. We are delighted to partner with Chope to provide TripAdvisor travellers with the capability to find and book the best restaurants in Singapore’s diverse culinary scene.”

As a global travel resource, TripAdvisor features restaurants for every destination and dining preference, in addition to a wide variety of accommodation and attraction listings. Currently, there are over 2.3 million restaurants globally listed on TripAdvisor, including more than 400,000 restaurants in Asia. Travellers can easily search restaurants by cuisine type, price range, dining options and destinations on TripAdvisor and get access to the freshest restaurant recommendations based on TripAdvisor reviews, ratings and photos.

TripAdvisor travellers who make a restaurant booking on Chope will receive a follow-up email from Chope to invite them to contribute a review and share their dining experience on TripAdvisor. Available in both English and Chinese, Chope currently caters to the largest segment of South East Asia’s growing travel market, with intentions to expand its coverage across all South East Asia restaurants.

Chope is available online at www.chope.co and iPhone and Android apps.

About Chope Group

The Chope Group is Asia’s premier online restaurant reservations provider. With a range of products to meet the varying needs of restaurateurs, Chope helps restaurants use online booking channels, improve yield, and keep better track of their clients’ preferences. Our website www.chope.co and apps www.app.lk/ChopeApp help diners discover the best and most popular restaurants, all while able to make reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world. With over 400 restaurants on the network and millions of diners seated, Chope is committed to making restaurant dining and discovery easier than ever before. Chope grew out a love of dining and a desire to make it more seamless for diners and restaurants alike. 


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