The Global Leadership Awards 2014 is all about TOP achieversand accomplishments!

The Region’s most impactful event, the Global Leadership Awards is back once again this year for the 4th time. As in the past , the event is expected to convene and showcase the highest levels of Global Leaders representing the diplomatic, business, government, philanthropic, media, celebrity, and social sectors. An evening of recognition, glamour and splendor and gathering to Foster Friendship and Build New Bridges in Business.

This much anticipated event is organized by The Leaders International, a high profiled business magazine and co-organized by American Leadership Development Association (ALDA), a US based NGO which showcases leadership at large. The 4th Global Leadership Awards 2014 is managed by My Events International, a leading global event management organization. The dynamic combo of these organizations will portray high levels of professionalism and excellence never before seen in Malaysia. Due to be held on 25th April 2014, this ultra prestigious event will lend its own charisma and splendor, outshining the rest.

Achievements in over 25 categories will be recognized and honored with its unique award. The awardees will be selected by high profile judges from all parts of the globe. The event will seek to honor Leaders for their exemplary contributions towards global growth in economic and leadership development. They will be the Leaders of the glittering evening in an ode to their impeccable leadership qualities. This event will richly contribute to the leaders who took extra efforts in nation building while nurturing the global economy to grow.

Judging Criteria

The 4th Global Leadership Awards 2014 will carry a highly special significance for its recipients. Upon request, participation for this mega event has been extended beyond the shores of Malaysia attracting global renowned leaders.

Committed to the credo that ‘Every Business is a Global Business’, the Chambers of Commerce of various nations have come together to adopt a common framework for recognizing leadership globally. Rather than being identified with the economic status of a country, jointly nations uphold the belief that the leaders are those who have gone forward despite adversities, setting examples for others to follow. In the fast-paced times of the new decade, their style and efforts have transformed commercial practices and changed business landscapes. The impact of their deeds reverberates in the global business network as these are the REAL leaders whom have made the significant difference in the economic landscapes.

The organizer has crafted various, selected categories of awards for promising leaders who have been in the industry for less than 5 years. The objective is to provide space for Next Gen leaders and to bring to their awareness that leadership starts from Day One. The organizer is confident that the event is able to showcase young and upcoming leaders with their skills being innovatively applied in the next challenging era.

The judging will be based on all the past achievements & performance in Year 2013.

Why should you attend?

• An opportunity to network with the best global leaders
• Increase and create quality in Human Capital management
• Acknowledge and Reward the Best Leaders in the Industry

Who should attend?

The 4th Global Leadership Awards are exclusively meant for the C-level professionals i.e. CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CTOs, CSOs, Members and the Chairman of boards, Celebrities, Sports Personalities, Community Leaders and other key organizational leaders with distinguished activity, exceptional leadership qualities and prominent achievements.

There are a total 25 awards and each of these awards are reserved for each business sector as listed. Nominations will be requested from the organizations and individuals. Final selection of winners will be made on the basis of public poll and professional judges assessment.

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