On August 26, 2015, Seoul-based social venture startup, Indie CF, launched its new application, Hooreel, which puts the power of an entire video production studio in the palm of every smartphone user and enables anyone to plan, edit and broadcast their own viral marketing videos.

After nearly a decade of working in the advertising industry, fed up with expensive advertising and the monopoly of ad creation by industry professionals, the creators of Hooreel are offering their new app as an IT solution that promotes “commercial equality” to the world by providing access to high-quality marketing videos to everyone. Whether a video ad for a business’s new product or an individual’s viral video message to the world, both professional marketers and normal people can now create compelling video experiences using strategies based on professional knowledge.

Video is becoming shorter, faster, easier to create, more creative, and going viral. To keep up, advertising has had to change too. Rather than being about simply maintaining a perfect brand image, from 2015 and beyond marketing will be about creating entertaining and concise content that has the potential to go viral.

Hooreel does just that by enabling users to capture footage into concise 15 second marketing videos, optimized for sharing across popular social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. Hooreel allows for unlimited customization and editing with tons of stickers, filters, overlays, and licensed background music songs. Freelance director and Hooreel’s videographer, Kirin Sinn, said of the app that “the voice recording function alone can save people heaps of cash in creating video.” To top it off, Hooreel features an interactive video feed that allows users to view, become inspired by, and comment on other people’s videos, developing their profiles into entire online video portfolios.

Hooreel is available for free download on the Apple Store for all iOS devices in English or Korean. Future version updates will feature a marketplace function where users can discover and commission video directors within the app to create even more impressive videos for their brands.


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