Jasmina Siderovski, a born Macedonian migrant living in Australia, a wife, and mother of two young children has become globally recognized for her inspirational words of wisdom originally through her quotes and sayings. As the world was introduced to her words of soul building tools through her mash style of expression and writing Jasmina became more and more aware of truly defining ‘nostalgic identity,’ belonging to a developing country at birth, and brought up in a modern culture during the best years of her life.

Jasmina is educated and brought up in Newcastle. She is married to her life-long partner of 25 years and has two children, commonly known as 4J. As Sydney becomes her home, Jasmina is empowered through her interest in science and Meta – physics by combining two cultures in an advancing world for innovation and peace through her plight to understand and connect among a labyrinth of different personalities, ideas, and pursued personal growth.

Her inspiration to encourage an understanding for cushioning the unknown, self-improvement and self-development have played a key role in her recognition for world peace as she Founded Empowering Your Soul.

This has been Jasmina’s pathway to learning how to integrate, the language, its customs, and culture of a continent so far from the rest of the world.

A continent fast paced, enriched with a digital tsunami of transformation and epidemic congruence, and indeed a world that has shaped her growth.

Social Media adopted her legacy and quotes, as many of these would make appearances in prominent publications such as:

  • Anne Geddes “Little Blessings,”
  • Alaska Airlines – Alaska Airlines Brand and Guidelines,
  • American Baby Magazine,
  • University Of Akron College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering, High Point University, North Carolina USA – Legacy,
  • Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse – Becoming a Sage: Discovering Life’s Lessons, One Story at a time
  • The National Law Review (USA) – Be Your Own Best – Woman: Today is the Day own Your Own Brilliance
  • The University of Tennessee Health Science Centre, The Record
  • Bride and Etc. Magazine: Best Honeymoon Destinations
  • EastLife Magazine
  • Lori Austin – Radio Host, Studio O Colorado, USA,
  • Mary O’Connor – Life is full of Sweet Pots – An exploration of joy
  • Ryan Hollenbeck – In Touch – The Verint Blog,
  • AJ Baker – 365 Days of Hope: A message for hope every day of the year
  • JP De Villiers – Somali Pirates 2and much more

In your own words, what do you do?

I am a writer! I am an author! I am a thinker and a motivator. I am here to inspire others and help the world community to think outside the norm of routine and the way we interact through our mind in the business world, after hours and a virtual world of thinking. I kick start the mind to be inspired to live out your dreams. I encourage others to a voice and I remind many that everyone plays a part in this thing we call life. Your story is not your life story – it is just the foundations for building a destination to be at peace in a world of cynicism, epic change and a growing era that will impact future generations.

What led you to become an author and found Empowering Your Soul?

For me personally, as a migrant in a multicultural country such as Australia from a young age learning to develop in line with the iconic changes, for exciting new technology, the revolution in medicine, the development of an economic and a political savvy world and a ‘politically correct,’ or even, a ‘politically incorrect’ society has definitely been a real life roller coaster to indulge my eclectic mind. Ergonomic and ecological innovations along the way have rapidly kept my mind astute and the person I am today hence, the doctrine of anecdotes in ‘Empowering Your Soul – Legacy of Her Mind.’

Times are changing, rig morale is developed, and life as we know it is adding uncertainty, cascading our genre of individualism per se.

Our substance and legacies we choose to coexist and be celebrated by are where existence becomes a counter-intuitive crust in our beliefs and our core. It’s basically the governance of thoughts and process and the laws that have been debated for centuries that have always subsisted my curious mind. Hence, downloading my life lessons and observations over a lifetime have influenced me to speak out and help as many people around the world to understand the importance of integrating whilst holding onto your identity without the confusion of existing and belonging to a modern world.

Could you walk us through your process of developing your brand?

The power to educate the mind through a learned behavior of knowledge is a life coach inside your body waiting to be unleashed. There are never set rules, just ideas, and wants. This is where we begin to develop dreams, as they assimilate and become a natural path in our lifetime. Some dreams come to fruition, and we reap the rewards, other times they are perhaps a work in progress, and of course, then there are those, who never follow through due to reasons of their own.

Whatever path you set your mind down, use those lessons learned to appreciate personal risk and adventure then combine them with poise and integrity. But most of all, accentuate your triumph with a new-found confidence that will challenge the inner you, to believe in you and your goals and push personal boundaries.

Did you encounter any particular difficulties in the beginning and how did you overcome it?

This is probably the most difficult challenge I have had to overcome. Freedom of speech is rather confronting and can be quite daunting at times as you open your world to an international audience. Different mindsets and cultures all have their own unique qualities that play a major factor in accepting new ideas and being part of someone else’s environment. What began as a legacy for my children has quickly advanced to sharing my mind and knowledge around the globe. Once, you believe in your life experiences and appreciate that each is a stepping stone challenges suddenly become obsolete as you identify that developing others while continuing to learn yourself is, in fact, a major key player for keeping it real without setting false expectations.

What is your long term plan?

I would like to continue to write and further develop my brand. Writing books is only the beginning for a life long dream to empower the real population, the ones who are homeless, the ones living in poverty and the ones that believe that life is a gift. Success is something we all strive for but we forget to take the ones that are ignored along the way as we sell our ego’s to a materialistic and well-educated society. My real dream is to open a Café – Empowering Your Soul Café – and encourage those with dreams to network alongside the less fortunate as we develop and grow together, changing the lives of those who have given up or simply have surrendered to thoughts of it all being impossible. My strength belongs to those who think they have no substance and no purpose.

Could you share with us some industry insights?

Writing is consequential material or at least a cumbersome solicitation of experience, wealth, and goals that drive us to search for challenges in the area that we perceive as ‘out of our comfort zone.’ Listening to the inner you that teaches us trust, and a step towards strengthening how we express our conscious thoughts into real terms. We learn to believe in ourselves through life, and the challenges as the benevolent crusades of the past and present are a positive tool in maximizing our growth to problem solve fundamental challenges while we learn not to rely on routine, comfort, and stability, as we take risks.

Whatever you choose to do in your everyday life and aspirations, do it through your subconscious. Learn to listen and trust that inner magnetic energy not even you as a person, completely understands or even how to use it.

What are some important lessons you’ve learned about forming a brand?

Different circumstances meet different pragmatic aspirations, but I like to think along the lines that circumstance urges us to think a little outside the square. I strongly think it’s this that has embossed and shaped Empowering Your Soul.

I like to think of this as my time capsule. A capsule I am accessible to at any time. Especially when I need to be grounded as an individual, and as a mentor for my children and others. I have learned with time and knowledge, an understanding of the importance to help cushion our changes, and deeper appreciate what is happening to all of us.

Forming a brand whilst coinciding with important lessons we need to continue to educate our minds and bodies, to integrate with a difference, a purpose, and substance, as we build others along with our success stories. It’s a mechanism of working wisely. Not necessarily reaching the finish line ahead of everyone else, but definitely, without the impact of a cyclonic tsunami, that leaves graffiti in our life, or worse, changes our lifeline. Believe in your product and make it stand out – your personable nature and embellishment will certainly be a reflection of your image and your brand.

Any tips for achieving success?

We each have a unique quality that sets us aside, as we make our mark in this timeline, using our expendable techniques, and natural life skills along with the ability to be ourselves, and be at peace doing what we love.

The way I tend to see it is a congruence of substance, and identity, sharing visions, dreams, and aspirations. It’s the education of not only the mind but also, the secret for success and self-development.

“Brilliance is neither a fashion or a style, a trend or an ambience. It’s an awakening of our luminous ingenuity.” – Jasmina Siderovski



Website: www.empoweringyoursoul.com

Linkedin: https://au.linkedin.com/in/jasmina-siderovski-117899b6



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