RIWAY means “Right Way”, leading everyone to the right path! RIWAY International advocates the unique direct selling values of integrity, righteousness and positivity, and by following these steps, those who join RIWAY and their teams are able to soar further and stronger.

Ms Ivy See has been in the direct selling industry for almost 25 years, and she sees all that she had been through with a heart of gratitude. All this while, she learned with a thankful heart and shared what she had learned with others. These experiences became her knowledge too as she was sharing it.

Ivy See started her previous direct selling career after she completed her Malaysian Higher School Certificate (STPM). With experience as a manager in numerous direct selling companies, and a director of her own company, she is now the Vice President of Operations in RIWAY. Having gone through many challenges and tests, she is now very familiar with every in and out of the industry, while cherishing every moment of her career life.

Ivy See has come back with great passion. She had initially wanted to start her own business, living a simple and peaceful life. But after knowing RIWAY International’s Founder and President Dr Lim Boon Hong, her life took a new turn. “Although I had been helping Dr Lim with projects involving market developments, I had no intention to go back to direct selling industry at that time.”

However, Dr Lim had never failed to share with her RIWAY’s development, vision and mission. Seeing him handling different situations with poise and calm, she started to change her mind.

The fact that Dr Lim Boon Hong announced her as the Vice President of Operations for RIWAY International at one of the Leaders Recognition Nights was really a surprise and was unbelievable for her.

Dr Lim Boon Hong’s perseverance and tenacity had brought back the passion towards direct selling within her. What moved her most was seeing that within a few years, leaders who once lacked confidence were standing on stage and sharing their success after going through tests and challenges, besides having their financial and health improved significantly. “This is why I like direct selling so much, to see the positive changes in people,” she said.

According to Ivy, RIWAY’s four top management personnel include the Founder and President Dr Lim Boon Hong, Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing Ms Claudia Ong, Vice President of Business Development Dato’ Kenny Wong and herself. Each of them playing an important role in the company. Ivy is in charge of and manages the whole operations of the company, taking care of the customer services sector and supporting its internal and international operations.

After joining RIWAY in year 2011, her team has been developing the international market. In year 2011, the Indonesia market was launched, which was followed by the Taiwan market in year 2012. Another 12 new branches were opened at the same time in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan respectively, and also ventured into the Thailand market in the year of 2014. She has always believed that this company was going to flourish and shine in the global market.

Ivy See feels that one should not be afraid to do more, as this will turn into great skills. Always have the courage to ask questions, and there will be someone who is willing to help you out. To her, challenges are just part of the growing and learning process. She says, “You will be well-equipped and become stronger to handle the challenges in future, and continue to fight towards your goal.” RIWAY International does not only provide a direct selling career platform, but it also resembles a big educational institute, advocating the values of the right attitude in doing business, sincerity and respect towards others, the power of thinking and self-improvement. Like the law of attraction, when one is positive and becomes a better person, then one will have more capacity to help others.

The good working environment at RIWAY International has produced many quality workers. From the Vice President of Operations’ point of view, Ivy feels that there must be trust between co-workers, in order to grow from their mistakes and move towards the same goal. Thus, everyone must learn to improve themselves in every situation instead of pointing fingers at others when something happens, and to prevent division in a company. Thus, she constantly encourages her staff frequently, so that they can be positive and pro-active in a healthy and peaceful working environment. Moreover, she sees solving personnel issues as a priority, “Because when human affairs are solved, only then the rest will fall into place.”

RIWAY International upholds positive vision and mission, which Ivy See will fully support it if one day her children choose direct selling as their career. She said, “Because in this career, one has to learn how to sell, experience rejection, learn to encourage themselves, to think and to set goals.” She said gratefully, “I am very thankful that I have the chance to be in this career. I really like my current career, and it helps many normal people to fulfill their dreams.” She smiled, “All these experiences that I gained are worth-while!”

Looking at the future of RIWAY, Ivy has been exceptionally excited. The company has entered into its 7th Anniversary and its total revenue has made it one of the top 100 direct selling company. She believes that RIWAY is going to be the top ten, top five, top three and even the number one in the world, with every RIWAY distributor striving towards the same goal! Thus, Ms Ivy See and her team will fight for this goal together and to create a stable and fast growing company, and overcome the limits.

Ivy See Chein Ling is a winner of the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2015 Malaysia, under the Outstanding Category. The Awards were held on 27th August 2015 at InterContinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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