Since 1957 the Hightower Family has continued to operate as a privately held corporation in various business endeavors.

In 1984 Stephen Hightower started Hightowers Petroleum Co. as a licensed Motor Fuel Dealer.  With foresight and continuing innovation, HPC developed a “Virtual Market Place” throughout the United States with the ability to provide gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, ethanol, lubricants, oils, greases, and alternative energy nationally.

Stephen’s customer base includes, Duke Energy, General Motors Corporation, D.W. Morgan Co., P.A.M. Transportation, The Kroger Company, Fed Ex, UPS, AK Steel Corporation, Progress Energy, PEPCO Holdings, Inc., Con-Edison, Catholic Health Partners, The State of Ohio, Greater Dayton RTA, Honda/TRC, University of Miami, Ceasers Entertainment, Boarder States Industries, Dallas DART, United Rentals, Dominion Transportation, General Mills, Ford Motor Company and many others.

Stephen has remained active in the international community since 1984, primarily starting in Nigeria; today Hightowers has a Joint Venture in Nigeria and has an office in South Africa, incorporated as Hightowers Petroleum, SA.

Maintaining relationships with most of the major energy companies across the United States. Stephen continues to be a leader in the industry while providing value and innovation to all of his customers. Additionally HPC has mentored a Female business, Next Generation Fuels which provides similar products in USA and South Africa.

Through the leadership of Steve Hightower, the Hightower family corporations continue to provide its customers with unique processes, and has built a supply chain that “Exceeds Expectations” while “Fueling America’s Energy Needs” one customer at a time!

Stephen also remains extremely active delivering emotionally riveting speeches to businesses, entrepreneurs, and students on entrepreneurship, perseverance, success, and from “Zero to two hundred and thirty-five million without no money.”

In your own words what is Hightowers Petroleum all about?

HPC provides energy solutions to our customers through innovation and a vast supply chain, for customers globally.

It’s what heats and cools our places of business.  Servicing fortune 500 and 100 companies with fueling solutions in any manner our customer use it. America’s fleets, keeps city transit systems running, and powers emergency generators in times of crisis. It is energy. We all need it; we all use it.  Whether you require…

  • Bulk fuel for your ever expanding fleet
  • Mobil re-fueling for stationary vehicles
  • Jet fuel for your aircraft fleet
  • The Hightowers Petroleum Master Card Fleet Card for retail purchasers.

At Hightowers Petroleum Co., we have the energy solutions to power your progress and fuel your success!  Our innovative “Focused Energy Model” is designed to drive cost savings, maximize energy efficiencies, while optimizing your company’s success by having a trusted single source supplier managing your entire enterprise.

We’re dedicated to exceeding expectations and providing proactive solutions 24/7 and always available in emergency and disaster response situations. As a trusted partner we contribute to your success.

What led you to your current career?

I founded Hightowers Petroleum Co. in 1984, continuing a family legacy of entrepreneurism that began in 1957 with the establishment of the family’s cornerstone business.

From those humble beginnings and through persistence, drive and determination, I methodically began to grow my wholesale fuel distribution business into an energy solutions enterprise that today is recognised Globally for its customer service, integrity, creative fuel distribution model and expert handling of complex upstream and downstream issues.

Did you encounter any particular difficulties?

The biggest obstacles has always been growth capital. To this day our growth in new markets is limited with our ability to fund our upstream activity. While this was the number one obstacle from the beginning, Steve maintained integrity, persistence and the desire to exceed in spite of all obstacles to gain its unique position in the marketplace.

What is your long-term plan?

We continue to look at international markets in order to gain the significant critical mass to outpace the competitors in the market. Go where the Hockey putt is going not where it is, is how visionaries succeed. Wisdom instinct and the ability to manage risk is how you grow to billions.

Could you share with us some industry insights?

Today is the best possible time to expand into the Industry. Pries is low, evaluations are low, and assets purchased based on 80 and 100 dollar prices are now available at a very reasonable price. The right capital structure with a knowledgeable partner of the market, can do very well.

What are some important lessons you’ve learnt about entrepreneurship?

There’s no substitute for patients and integrity. Combine that with hard work and the ability to manage failure, will lead you to a successful outcome.

Any tips of advice for achieving success?

Never stop!


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