I have long intended to write about MLMs from an insider’s point of view but I’ve always been put it off until recently, when I can clearly see a “market bubble” of MLM companies on different social media fronts. A couple of years back, I was enticed to join a MLM company and I am one of those who failed, the reasons are: (1) I am not really into sales; (2) I don’t believe in the products and; (3) I can’t invest that much time on MLM (everyday is worse than an 8 hr work with overtime! We/they go home at around 3am). With all that said here’s some tips before joining any MLM Company.

  1. Take your time to think, don’t hurry. In contrast to what your recruiter says, that there is a special offer if you join within a certain amount of time or there is a discount, keep calm and take your time. Once you have been invited to their haven you cannot help but feel drawn to the positivity around you. This is what they call “One-Week Hype”. Within one week, everything presented to you, you are very eager and energetic to try. Let us say it is the “convincing period” and it will slowly die down after that or if not and you are still eager to join then by all means join the company. That is the reason you may notice that they are very serious to get to recruit you on the spot, because once they let you go, you may be gone forever. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying take your time to think if this is really the right career for you. Are you a good sales person? Are you willing to “work for it”? It’s like choosing your life long career. If it fits you then by all means.
  1. You need to WORK HARD FOR IT. Part time? Work at home? You wish? Would like you to know that those people who I know who have been successful in MLM have worked hard for it. They go out early to look for prospects and go home very late (like 3am). They go town after town. They go to malls. They are very busy people. YOU will have to convince other to join because YOU will realize that, that maybe the only way to earn back the time, effort and money you already have invested. There is no turning back now because you did not listen to tip #1.
  1. You don’t have a boss but there is PEER PRESSURE. People in the MLM business stick together because it is true, the earning of your downline is your earning too. That is why you help them go up which is a good thing by the way at least for the MLM company that I joined. Saying that, yes you won’t have a boss but be sure to be able to go with the peer pressure specially if you’re thinking that this is only a sideline. They will help you, yes, but as I said if you don’t get up they won’t so expect pressure if you still don’t know what you got yourself into.
  1. Believe in your products. Well that is the main reason I failed. I do not believe in the products.. I am ashamed to sell the products to my family and friends because I know they are not something I will go for (Just so you know I am not a fan of supplements). If I will be counting how much the product is really worth vs how much the product is selling, I simply do not believe.. The reason is I know a drug that is used to combat fever which is patented costs not more than a few dollars to reproduce. What more supplements without any therapeutic claims? To me, i can’t swallow that so if you do join you should believe in what you are selling. You are now a “salesman” now and you can’t sell something you don’t believe.
  1.  If you don’t have money don’t force it. I’ve seen people cut friends because they can’t pay debts due to MLM. Just don’t. If you don’t have extra 4k, 10k, 20k or 36k don’t force yourself.  Even us who have been investing in the stock market are warned to only invest money we are willing to lose. So that is the same goes for you. Only invest in the money you are willing to lose. So that when you realize that selling is not for you.. you can walk away and pursue other business or work options

WARNING: MLM Bubble. I’m sure you have noticed the sudden increase of MLM companies. This is just a warning if you are planning to be a member. Some of these MLM companies branch out from other MLM companies. Why? If I can entice you to join, why would I give it my upline when I can get all the commission for myself. Thus a new MLM company is born.  If you are to join any MLM company, be sure to believe in the products; sooner or later the MLM will bubble up and your downline may not be able to recruit leaving you with the only option- sell the products.

What I don’t like about MLM: Some can be unethical and make you believe “helping others with a business opportunity” but in reality, they need YOU to EARN. YOU are HELPING THEM.

What I like about MLM: Team effort at its finest. Motivational and convincing talks.

Don’t get me wrong. It is up to you if you want to join. Just before you join,  do know what you’re getting into. I know people whose lives were lifted by MLM but I also know those who miserably failed. So before you decide. Think twice. Think Trice. If this is a good career choice for you (sales) then.. by all means.. But if not and you are just dreaming of money to grow on trees then find a stable job. MLM is just not for you.


About the Author

This article was written by Juana Be, a passionate blogger who writes on her experiences in the Philippines. see more.

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