Check out these 10 smart devices that excel from the aspect of technology innovation, market analysis, business model building and financial planning on the 2016 SVIEF-Star Demo Day. The list is in alphabetical order.


1. Aivvy Smart Headphone

The CES2016 Innovation Award winner. With this smart headphone with machine learning, Aivvy aims to build the world’s first smart music technology platform.


2. Ario Smart Lamp

This WiFi-connected smart lamp and lighting system can mimic the natural light to keep your body clock in sync.

Butterfleye3. Butterfleye smart home monitoring camera

This wireless home monitoring camera can be used in three ways: Pet Cam, Baby Monitor and Home Alarm. Its action sensing and face and pet detection feature enable the system to capture the abnormal activities instead of recording continuously, which both helps to save energy and to reduce the chance of getting false alarm.

ecomo4. EcoMo Smart Water Analyzer and Purifier

This solar panel powered water analyzer and purifier can be customized to suit your specific needs in filtering water and detecting harmful substances. EcoMo is coming soon to KickStarter.

Flosstime5. Flosstime

This smart floss dispenser is the first of its kind, aiming to help build daily flossing habits. It can be easily mounted to the bathroom mirror as a visual reminder and dispense18 inches of floss with a push of a button.

10759127346. Life Detection

This patented sensor detects changes in the human body, including heart and lung activity, without having to come in contact with the person it’s monitoring. It can be used in baby/adult monitory, automobile industry as well as security industry.

16123294877. Nonda Smart Device Platform

Nonda is a community-based platform for smart devices, on which emerges ZUS smart GPS charger, Hub+ smart USB-C station and iHere Rechargeable Key Finder.

IMG_88518. VTry

VTry is an SaaS based virtual try-on service, the API of which can be provided to implement the VTry functions on the product page of the targeted companies. The VTry Live and Vtry Avatar technologies enable the users to try on hats, hairstyles, sunglasses and contact lens easily.


9. WaterBit Water Detector

The patent pending, wireless, moisture sensor provides growers with new tools to improve crop quality and yield by optimizing water use.


10. XEO Design

XEO Design focuses on VR content creating. It has brought a number of popular VR games like “Follow the White Rabbit” onto the Gear VR platform.



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