One of the biggest challenges confronting managers hiring for any position, is that out of work candidates have plenty of time to prepare for the interview, often more than the managers doing the interviewing. In addition, many interviewers tend to do most of the talking.  A good rule of thumb is that a good interview is 70 percent listening and observing.

Having more productive people opens new doors, this is why the business of hiring such a dismally successful endeavour.

What the best hiring managers do differently:

1) Research is essential

Heading into an interview having a clear idea who and what your the potential candidate does will significantly improve your chances in getting the right person. Work candidates usually perform a thorough Google search on the company and formulate thoughtful questions to ask.

2) Appearance affects opportunity

How you look when you come in for an interview is the initial face to face impression the individual will get of you.

3) Be clear and concise

Clearly describing the performance requirements of the job and how they will  be performance is measured is a good practice that good managers do.

4) Engage and participate in the process

Break the ice by spending more time with the candidates before, during, and after the interviewing process.

5) Potential over experience?

Is upside potential more important than experience? Of course, the person hired will still need to have the basic skills.

6) Modify the job to fit the right person

The best managers were always willing to see talented people whether or not they had an open job to fill. They were also willing to modify an open job to attract and better meet the career needs of a strong person.

7) Take full responsibility for the results of every hiring decision.

While the managers delegated much of the work to the HR and recruiting departments, they took full responsibility for the results of every hiring decision. Surprisingly, most gave credit for their successes to others, but took personal blame for the failures.

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