●  Expect BIG names you’ve not seen elsewhere. Book video-networking appointments online now!

●  An online experience with all the hallmarks of the Wild Digital physical event and more, plus our brand-new #startupshowcase initiative

Powered by Catcha Group, the region’s premier tech conference – Wild Digital Southeast Asia 2020, will finally be taking place this 3-6 November 2020! The 4-day conference will be fully virtual for the first time — with an expected 3000+ attendees, 180+ speakers and 30+ hours of content.

This 6th edition is reflective of a year of constant, and at times, exhaustive changes. However, we are seeing an even more vibrant tech ecosystem in Southeast Asia emerging from this pandemic. Our structure and content format might be different this time, but nothing has stopped us from gathering the region’s top internet players, entrepreneurs, founders, chief executives and investors for another phenomenal #WildDigital experience!

Like many others, we found ourselvesscrambling to adjust as our flagship conference kept getting new dates later and later into the year,” said Patrick Grove, Catcha Group CEO & Co-Founder. “But, here we are. Bigger and better! We’re gearing up for what will be the biggest virtual event in the region, and hopefully break another record this year!

Right now, we are witnessing first-hand the effects of remote working, the boom of ecommerce platforms, the rise of telehealth and other tech-centric impacts on the collective community. We’re excited to bring these topics to the fore on our Main Stage.”

● Peter Van Zyl: President & CEO Indonesia (Allianz) – Serves 86 million customers in > 70 countries

● Chee Soon Ng: Managing Director (Carousell) – One of the world’s largest marketplaces, valuated at USD900M
● Sam Canavan:General Manager, APAC (ClassPass) – Decade’s 1st Unicorn, valuated at >USD1B

● Wai Mun Lim: Founder & CEO (Doctor Anywhere) – Raised USD27M Series B funding, expanding in MY & PH
● Dan Roberts: Global Head of Business Banking, Interim (HSBC) – 6th largest bank in the world, with total assets of USD2.9TN

● Melisa Irene: Partner (East Ventures) – Invested in over 400 startups, with 4 Unicorns in their portfolio
● Hamish Stone: CEO (iCar Asia) – ASX-listed, ASEAN No.1 automotive portals network

● Minette Navarrete: Vice-Chairman & President (Kickstart Ventures) – Most active Corporate VC firm in the Philippines
● Firas Alsuwaigh: Chief Strategy Officer (Ninja Van) – Region’s fastest- growing last-mile logistics company

● Shahid Nizami: Managing Director, APAC of HubSpot – A leading global growth platform: total revenue at USD203.6M for Q2’20

With so many eminent speakers, what of Wild Digital’s signature networking sessions? Don’t worry, because we’ll be having virtual networking lounges for our attendees to mingle in, as well as the ability for attendees to schedule 1:1 video meetings with whomever they chose to network with!

Southeast Asia has a vibrant, young and tech-savvy population, and the potential for us to become the Silicon Valley of Asia is immense! One of our main aims has always been to showcase and support the most disruptive and innovative startups in the region. We want to be the launching pad where they can pitch their billion-dollar ideas in front of leading investors, mentors, senior executives and media during our conference.

We have once again partnered exclusively with Startup World Cup to organise Startup Disruptor Arena (SDA) — a highly-anticipated live pitching session where we’ve seen some of the region’s most innovative startups battle it out.We’regearing for a bigger, better experience — SDA will be the SEA regionals, and the winner will go on to compete at Startup World Cup in Silicon Valley next year for a Grand Investment Prize of USD1million!

Startup World Cup is helmed by Pegasus Tech Ventures, a US Silicon Valley VC, and consists of a global series of startup conferences and pitch competitions that spread across 40+ countries. Each SDA application will also get 2 x complimentary tickets to Wild Digital SEA 2020. More information on Startup Disruptor Arena here.

To make our online conference experience even better for our attendees, we have launched an ALL NEW #STARTUPSHOWCASE initiative as a bonus feature for participating startups! For the first time, startups may apply for complimentary virtual booths to network and promote their product directly to the C-suites and top level executives that will be in attendance!

This initiative is available with purchase of our Startup Promo package at USD500, and includes 3 General Admission ticketsto the conference. Find out more about the #StartupShowcase initiative here.

● FOUR DAYS, ONE MAIN STAGE, OVER 180 SPEAKERS – Bringing 30+ hours of content to you
● FIRST-CLASS PROGRAM – Specially-curated topics to navigate through this crisis

● BUILD YOUR OWN AGENDA – Create personal schedule with your favourite talks
● INTERACTIVE LIVE SESSIONS – Chat with attendees, live Q&A and polling ● BRINGING FACE-TO-FACE NETWORKING ONLINE– Schedule 1-on-1 video meetings with 3000+ attendees with our new & improved Rapid Mingle (online booking system) tool

● STARTUP SHOWCASE– First time ever, a virtual exhibition of the #nextunicorns and #nextbigthings. Want more exposure for your startup? Sign up here.
● STARTUP DISRUPTOR ARENA – Taking it up a notch this time by partnering with Startup World Cup, the largest global startup pitch competition. Win a grand investment prize of USD 1,000,000!

Wild Digital – bringing “digital” to the forefrontpage3image61682624

There is still time to get your tickets. Head over to bit.ly/sea-2020-overview to find out more about how you too can be a part of this year’s most exciting virtual conference yet!



Established in 2004 and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Catcha Group is Southeast Asia’s leading digital group which builds and invests in disruptive tech companies across emerging markets globally. The Group’s historical focus has been on online classifieds, new media and OTT, where it has successfully taken five companies from startup to IPO and created over US$2.0bn+ worth of value. Today, the Group holds over 60 investments, either directly or indirectly as sole, majority or minority shareholders.

Find out more: www.catchagroup.com


Wild Digital is a platform created for internet leaders to come together and share their bold and wild visions for building great disruptive companies. It brings together top internet players, entrepreneurs, founders, chief executives and investors to gain insights into the future of technology and digital creativity with its first-class main stage program. Wild Digital provides excellent exposure in the industry and unprecedented networking opportunities to connect with some of the best minds in the digital ecosystem.page4image61479872

For more information, kindly contact:

Ong Yi Lyn

Content Marketing Lead, Wild Digital Email: [email protected]

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