Whatever category of life you find yourself in, this definitely speaks to your niche; an artiste – an idea is what begins and ends your drawing, musician, actor – idea of placing yourself in line with the character of a script which itself started with an idea, a business personnel, a professional in whatever area- attorney, Engineer, Scientist, Inventor, Investment personnel – whichever state you find yourself in, I’ve got an answer to your thought and it’s all engraved here in writing, from an idea.

For such reason as this, that’s why I will not just only recommend you go through this alone, invite friends to piece this remarkable moments of truth with you, on ’10 key things to know when starting up an idea’ who knows how many minds you can expose the truth about conceived ideas.


A preconceived thought, a thought or plan that is formed in mind, but let’s be more practicable, it’s worth more than that, it’s worth more than just an imagination, it’s a see-through view that one wishes to bring to action and wishes such thought or plan will be a success, likeable or not it pops in mind, so it is still an on air imagination till something begins to form in the physical from that thought.

1. Self Confidence

The first step of being a successor in the world of your ‘idea.’ You first have to believe in yourself before others do, you are reforming the world to believing you, The Wright brothers believed in themselves first before breaking the law of nature that something can fly in the sky and be controlled, Steve Jobs with the world of modern day computer, Henry Ford – the man behind the Ford vehicle, Ben Carson- the Siamese twin separation? Colonel Sanders – man behind KFC, after lots of failures in life he finally believed in himself and made impact to the kitchen world with his skill.

How did the world believe in them, if they didn’t take the first step, of self-believing, which led to the world celebrating from the single idea of all this persons in the way their peers couldn’t be celebrated because it took them time to understand the major nuggets or things to know when starting an idea.

2. Sketch it down

Daily, take your time to pen your thoughts to paper, be it smart or not, just engrave that idea to a book, ” my fancy idea book” you may call it. Some may prefer to put it down into a gadget, or system, but why don’t we go the old conventional way, down into the pen and the paper so it will be handy, quick to always reach and when we believe its time to scrap off from it, and put instead a better plan, we won’t have any problem like mechanical fault, low battery, or erased memory, getting an hint?

3. Always have back up plans

Plans are made for them to fail, even if that exactly isn’t supposed to be the idea of what we have in mind when planning a thing, we should also bear in mind that nothing is perfect things fail, either an act of God, (Force Majeure as called in French, Actus dei nemini facit Injuriam in Latin) e.g shipping delay, rain spoilage, tornado, hurricane, monsoon, earth quake, unseen circumstances, or majorly issues beyond our control, and that’s supposed to be our attacking point finding way to back up plans, even back up plans should be backed up again.

For instance, I’m having this huge idea of opening a cafeteria in a school premises, there is a store for me in the premises, but I do have a single idea of how to go about it, but in all, all the plans I have in hand are fallible. It would be best i have back up plans at all times to make this idea a success.

4. Every plan should be plausible

Making Castle out in thin air sure does make sense when persons though could have great ideas, but yet don’t work in unison to what was planned, because some plans are great as it seems, but in a way not to sound really pessimistic, we should be able to separate our thoughts from what is in fact plausible to pull through the storm of our passion, effort and time spending, but the minute we know this idea is definitely not going to be a realistic one, I keenly will advise Don’t waste much time on it, you’ve got other million projects to handle that deal with that. If you are positive something can still come out of it, I will advise, you leave it for a well and then return to it later, who knows? Coming back to it at this time might even be the best time the idea needs to be raveled to the world.

But if it is still not plausible (workable) don’t give it a push, it will frustrate you to regret such times later, as years can’t be regained, even if money and efforts can be compensated from in life at a later time.

5. Make it unique with value

Everyone knows Neil Armstrong, the first man that landed in the moon, but who was the second? No one cares to know who that his, someone has bit into that idea first, the second does his story create any form of uniqueness to the world?

It’s easy to come up with ideas trust me, even a kid playing with a broken plastic object and a rubber OR any toy could turn such object to a fanciful idea. Marketplace companies like Ecwid, Fiverr and Electric Sparklers always bring something new everyday to make it more unique. So believe it when you sure know it’s not difficult making one, but the real question is, how can this idea become a value to the society? How can I kick it out there to be a source of value? Then the accuracy come in, you are giving a right attitude to starting up an idea.

6. Ask for help

No man is an island on his own. Not only does he need company around to keep his day, he also needs a whole lot from friends, either in the same niche or outside, he needs help to help to place his idea in the world. Like an old saying, you would always know the success of a man by how much he has his friends to stand with him.

A suitable example is Larry Page and Sergey Brien the brains behind Google, friends that met at Stanford University at Ph.D. level, they never agreed with anything at the beginning, but as their friendship bosomed, we can see the outcome of it in the world of our computer browsing age.

7. Research

A man is not just the idea of his plan if he conceives it in mind, he should research more on it. Research! Research! Research! There is no joy better than getting to know more about your idea, if the idea is one that you fancy and sure you can make an ends meet to making of successful, why not? Take more time in finding a way to fine coat that idea to making it a huge impact, you have more than the duty of making it perfect, it should be a research duty before you take it to the public as idea.

8. Be passionate on your idea

A passionate heart creates a successful person. Passion doesn’t last enough in taking just 3 hours out of 24 hours to take time with what ones dream, even 8 hours plan in total from 7 days isn’t satisfying enough. In as much as you should take time in researching on it, give in your best and put passion into that dream.

Albert Einstein wasn’t just passionate of his dream, he was engulfed and passion filled to finding more about science, Auguste Comte a philosopher and sociologist had passion on what he did, a good business entrepreneur places passion above his work, that’s his inspiration of what makes him wake up in the morning to dream success. If you check through the Forbes list in understanding how this great rich personnels made it to where they are, you will notice their number one character to work, “passion”. So should you place up such in your idea?

9. Dream Positive Outcomes

What shall it profit a man to put all, or almost all of his life savings into an idea, but fails to dream positive of its outcome? What shall we say of such persons?

True, lot of persons could have spent lots of money under the concept of trying to put an idea out, they probably would have in fact exhausted with exceptional grades all of the principles stated above, but failed to give in a positive vibe of its outcomes. Lots of ‘but’, negative thoughts or exception comes to the mind.

Wake up each morning, and say to yourself with encouragement, “I shall dream this dream positively “, “I won’t get tired, or worn out from this idea”, “the world will rejoice with me for this exception.” The more you keep in positive thought, the bigger unknowingly to you, your aspirations to make this dream comes out to. It’s a kind of physiological thing that feeds in your brain to dream big, so be POSITIVE IN DREAMS OF YOUR OUTCOME and you will be an effective Sales Agent.

10. Let everyone comment, and if they have anything to correct let them in

This is basically the principle of being accommodative, and a person open to ideas and corrections. Not exactly trying to tell you to take up to all the corrections, but there are some which are inevitable, and you know it within yourself that you just can’t escape it. The rebuking, corrections and tease her for a while the next the world sees you, I bet you know we would be congratulating you for the idea you contributed to the society which is in fact a thankful one, and I cannot await to celebrate that time with you.


Whenever a big break of creative giant thought comes into my mind, a huge part of me would always wish I should more often than not be experiencing thoughts as this on a regular basis. My mind alone only dwells on having huge ideas as this come my way, “what else can I say?” I always shouted aloud when those ideas fall right from the minute of the dream, but of recent I noticed that shouldn’t be my problem, I should rather focus on understanding and fining myself deep spooned towards seeing what I can make individually myself from that idea before bringing it to the world. With that, I noted this few points down, which in fact as testifying would say have been seriously working, and In that vein decided to share this with love to you all, it has worked for thousands that believed and worked on this principles, so give It a trial too and aim big for success, I still remain your pen friend and motivational writer.

Wish you all a prosperous idea out there the minute you know you are set to let loose of it, and how do you know? I just give you a start up with those points above, so finish well.


About the Author

This article was written by Tanvir Zafar, Journalist and Internet Entrepreneur. contact.

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