Most of us are happy with our jobs. We love coming to work and taking on a new challenges. However, there are some who aren’t happy. We love doing our work, but coming to work feels like a chore. Do wake up every Monday miserable and you don’t know why? Do you dread the environment and you can’t wait to punch out and punch out coworkers too? The truth is, your job is probably toxic. Here are 11 signs that your workplace might be toxic:

1. Your job doesn’t have defined duties and goals. So you do not know what to do. It is like you’re being set up to fail. If you have no clue what your duties and your goals are, you are unable to fulfill your role. It can lead to poor performance reviews and even termination. If you can, ask for clear and defined roles. If your job can’t explain them, they’re incompetent or you’re being taken advantage of by performing tasks you are not being paid to do. If this is happening, leave.

2. Inconsistent work rules. You are probably wondering why you’re always getting in trouble. It is probably because of inconsistent work rules. We humans need consistency. If we don’t have it, it can lead to chaos. Inconsistent work rules generally include dress code, discipline, how to perform tasks and notifying the chain of command if there was any wrong-doing on the job. Inconsistent work rules happen because your job has not clearly defined the rules. Inconsistency can drive an employee mad because we don’t know how to make things right. Again, it seems like they are setting you up for failure. If this is happening, go to your HR department and read your employee manual. That is your shield against termination. Make sure you follow it to the teeth.

3. The micromanaging boss. This person is always looking over your shoulder and second-guessing your work. They do this because they don’t trust you. They may not know it, but it is driving you nuts. They’re constantly looking for something you did wrong. If your supervisor doesn’t trust you, most of the time it is not you. It means they are not a good boss because they did not train you well. Perhaps it is time to go to another department or leave the job.

4. You ‘re stuck with an incompetent supervisor or management. You feel trapped because they write your performance reviews. When they disciplined by their supervisors for their incompetence instead of looking inward, incompetent supervisors blame their workers. The same workers they probably didn’t lay out clear goals and roles to. It is not your fault. You need to move on.

5. An unsupportive boss.  An unsupportive boss does things to sabotage your career.  Here is the truth. They do not want you to advance because they like you where you are. They don’t want to hire and train someone else because it is easy and cheaper to keep you. It is all about them and not about your needs. If your boss isn’t trying to make you better, they are selfish. If you try to negotiate with them they can make your life a living hell because they want things their way.  Think about leaving!

6. Being at a dead-end job. You’re stuck. You can’t move up and your pay has reached its ceiling. What is the point of giving the best years of your life to a job that doesn’t value you and reward your efforts with advancement? Go where you’re wanted.

7. Workplace bullying. Yes, bullying can happen at work, especially when those doing the bullying are in a position of power. What is workplace bullying? According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, “Workplace Bullying is repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more persons (the targets) by one or more perpetrators. It is abusive conduct that is:

  • Threatening, humiliating, or intimidating, or
  • Work interference — sabotage — which prevents work from getting done, or
  • Verbal abuse”

Bullying hurts. It can wear down on your self-esteem, your health and lowers the quality of your work. Document everything. Speak to HR if you want to, but before going to Human Resources know that they are working on behalf of your employer, not you. Get legal representation and get the heck out of there.

8. Feeling left out. In order to have a great workplace, people have to build relationships. Building comrade and teamwork cannot happen if you’re not included in your job events. An example of this is when the office goes out to lunch, and you’re left behind. Most of the time, this isn’t done maliciously. They assumed you didn’t want to take part in office events. Perhaps you are an introvert and people recognize this. If this is the case, and you’re feeling left out, it is up to you to say something. There are times when you’re being isolated on purpose. See workplace bullying. If this is happening, move on.

9. Employee gossiping. Gossiping on the job is horrible. You thought you left it behind in high school, but here it is. It is even worse when management are the gossips. If people are talking about each other, there is no trust. The fact is that you cannot build a professional relationship with someone who is disparaging you and more than likely sabotaging your career because you’re their competition. If managers are bad mouthing you, their personal feelings are reflected in your performance reviews and quite possibly limit your chances for promotion. Who wants to be where you feel uncomfortable? Leave high school behind and that job too.

10. Favoritism. Favoritism is probably one of the worst things a job can do. It builds resentment. It pits coworkers against each other and creates an adversarial relationship. If this is happening, your supervisor is probably not a good people manager. If they aren’t a good people manager, how do you expect them to manage you? Move on.

11. Constantly being threatened with being fired. This is the worst feeling ever. You’re afraid if you do one thing wrong you will be let go. You are walking on egg shells. You’re wondering when will it happen and what will you do when it happens. Because of this insecurity, your focus is not on your work and make the situation worse. This is a toxic situation because this can affect your mental and physical health. If someone is constantly threatening your job, this is abusive behavior. Please run away as fast as you can.

If you are dealing with any of these things, it is clearly time to move on. Being at a toxic job can not only hurt your career but it can hurt your finances and most important, your mental and physical well-being. Eventually, it can lead to burn out. Think about it like this. You wouldn’t stay with a horrible partner. Why tolerate it from people who don’t value you? You deserve better.

This article was produced and written by Bougie Black Girl. see more.

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