TiEcon 2016 is coming in less than 2 weeks. Ranked alongside Demo, TED and World Economic Forum among the top 10 conferences worldwide for ideas and entrepreneurship by Worth magazine, TiEcon attracted 4600 professionals from over 22 countries in 2015. Over a two-day period, TiEcon 2016 will once again focus on the hottest areas of innovation.

Would you be missing out if you are not there? In this article we focus on health tech awardees of the TiE 50 award 2015 and ask: What did that year of working closely with TiE do for them?


Sanjeev Saxena, Chairman and CEO, POC Medical Systems Inc. 


“Pandora CDx” is the latest screening for Breast Cancer developed by Lawrence Livermore and Sandia National Laboratories.

The Pandora CDx – will help Billions around the globe by bringing the lab for blood testing to them and its first product – The Mammo Alert – helps the 1.6 billion women above the age of 40 around the globe to be screened safely at negligible cost in real time with high accuracy and with minimal false positives. An estimated about 250 million women in India, and about 350 million in China can benefit from Pandora CDx at its low cost ($500)

POC’s technology which is completely disruptive, allows medical diagnostics to be brought to people all over the globe especially in remote villages, and Tier-3 and Tier-4 cities. The data generated from tests performed in the remotest areas will be uploaded over the net / cell phone to the cloud and will be available for data mining to determine what medical conditions are generally an issue in which part of the globe primarily due to demographic differences (invaluable data for the pharmaceutical/biotech companies)  allowing the pharmaceutical/biotech companies to develop more personalized medicine catering to specific markets/geographies. An industrial design of the product to launch later this year in India.

What did the TiE 50 award do for us?

It resulted in more investments, additional awards and created our brand recognition.


Tashfeen Suleman. Founder and CEO, CloudMedx


Healthcare is an ever changing field in the US. Companies that understand healthcare better are the ones that will thrive in this rapidly changing environment. There is a lot of noise in healthcare so its very important for startups to cut through the noise and deliver value added services.

We are a big data health analytics company that provides real-time visual insights and analytics around population clinical risk and outcomes management. Our engine generates patient risk profiles so that healthcare providers can improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. Our typical clients are health systems and large physician groups. We help them with shared savings and captured bonus payments through improved quality outcomes.

What did TiE 50 award do for us?

A great prestige as our company was new to the bay area and the TiE platform enabled us to be heard and noticed. We could now hire and position our company in the bay area especially since our company is focused on scaling into multiple geographies within the US.



Manuel Heuer, COO dacadoo


We develop and operate the mobile & digital dacadoo health engagement solution, as a tool to empower and engage individuals to take more ownership of their own health and well-being, and manage it in an easy and fun way. It’s a digital health prevention tool targeted at the 30-60 year old low risk / at risk population.

What did TiE 50 award do for us?

The TiE award has helped us get visibility in the USA. We’re a European-based company and have won multiple awards in Europe but not in the USA before. So it helped us be perceived as a serious player, also in the USA. With TiE 50 award, we can and will be expanding more aggressively in the US market in 2016.

Follow Me Live at TiEcon 2016 (6-7 May) in Santa Clara, California, as I feature the best of “Entrepreneurship Inspiring the World”. I will be closely following Asia-based entrepreneurs and letting you know what is the best way to angle your company for accelerated growth. 

Visit TiE to learn more about TiE in general, and here to register for TiEcon 2016.


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