1. Avoid entrepreneurial isolation

Isolation can be hard socially, however it may be detrimental to an entrepreneur. Even if you are a person who is involved in a venture where you work closely with people everyday, for example customers, it is important to connect with other entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are often creative and as such developing your own network of entrepreneurs whom you can see regularly may be important. Such a network may serve as an avenue for you to bounce your ideas off of or a place where new ideas are born. There is also an experential benefit as other entrepreneurs may possess important insights which may be help serve you in building your own acumen.


2. Plan and organize

A lot of entrepreneurs overlook the importance of planning. This is not surprising as many entrepreneurs prefer and even enjoy spontaneity. Others may justify the lack of a plan on flexibility however planning is important, especially planning contigencies for any potential shortfalls. Having or not having the right plan and being organized for worst case scenarios can literally be the life or death of a startup.

2. Don’t be afraid to fail


The truth is most start-ups just don’t take off. However, this eventuality shouldn’t be confused with “failure.” Every time you start a business, you gain a new raft of experiences, extend your skill set, and learn valuable lessons for your future enterprising. Always remember this and you will never really fail but only improve.

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