The Asian Entrepreneur is joined today by Bogdan Alangiu, the author of a the recent business ebook “Business Ideas from a Sales Rep” which has recently garnered popular reception. 


Mr. Alangiu, tell us about yourself.

Like the eBook title says, I am a Sales Rep. I am passionate about business ideas. I like to find them, to discover them and see what impact they could have in communities or even globally.

What is the eBook about?

This eBook is all about business ideas.  It is not meant to give you a full business plan, but show you just enough information to get you tingling and longing to make each one into a business plan for itself.  It is up to you to personalize them and adapt them to your market and to your personality. I say this again and again throughout the eBook, passion and enthusiasm will drive you from just a business idea to a working enterprise.

What kind of ideas can we find in the eBook?

The business ideas that I like most are niche, odd or even strange business concepts and this is what you will get. You will find phone apps idea, traditional business ideas and internet business ideas. I just like the fact that I can introduce them to the business world and hope to see them up and running around the world.

How Did you come up with the idea for the eBook?

I started a couple of years ago searching for the perfect business ideas that I can start for myself. I found out very quick that there is no such thing as a perfect business idea. The theory says that the best ideas come up from necessity. So, whenever I see something that is missing, I put the idea in my phone because is the easiest way to take notes. I didn`t even realize that I got about 90 ideas until I decided to write this eBook. Doing the math, I cannot have the enthusiasm to build all 90, nor the resources, nor the time. If I launch one start up a year, I will probably die before I reach my 50th idea.

How Many ideas can we find in the eBook?

From the 90 business ideas list that I had in the beginning, I selected 70 of them to be presented in the eBook. The 70 business ideas are the most reasonable and interesting ones that I think you will all like.

Who inspires you?

Entrepreneurs from all around the world because they change the way we live our lives.

What is the best advice you have for future entrepreneurs?

There is no perfect business idea. Stop searching for one. Follow your passion and be very enthusiastic about it. The passion and enthusiasm are all that matters. If you are not passionate about your idea, there is a slim chance for your business to take off.

How can readers get in touch with you?

I welcome anyone to contact me via Linkedin:



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