One of the common misconceptions about the cloud is that it is mainly intended to transform computers into thin clients. That all changed when we were asleep on the wheel – Mobile is going to be heavily impacted by cloud. At least, that’s what the studies say.

Cloud Times predicts that the mobile cloud market will reach approximately $47 billion by 2019 and will soon become a disruptive force in the mobile world, eventually dominating the way mobile applications operate in near future. Google Maps and GPRS have already been the pioneer examples of mobile computing.

There is too much going in the world for mobile computing and the pace is only going to speed up. Mobile computing has huge implications for the way we do business and has given us the opportunity to work smarter than ever before. It has number of obvious benefits, including:

1.     Our Devices Are Becoming More Portable

Last few years have seen a tremendous revolution in mobile technology. Market progression is being pushed by the need of users to stay connected. There is an increased necessity to access data outside office premises, because information is also needed outside of ‘traditional’ work hours.

A smart technology enables you to have your office with you all the time. If you are at the client’s office, you will never have to exclaim “I left the file in office.” Mobile computing provides you the flexibility to move about and perform your tasks at the same time, as long as you are connected to the internet. There is no need to stay plugged in to a particular location in order to work on your computer.

With broadband speed going faster, Wi-Fi hotspots becoming more commonplace and improved communications, data can be transferred quickly and video conferencing is easier than ever, leaving little reason to keep working in the same office.

2.     Cloud Eliminates Large Capital Expenditures and Boost Productivity

The internet can lower the overall cost burden on businesses, making it easier for businesses to expand.

For big companies, the most prominent cost cutting exercises involve employees and premises. Mobile computing tools can help reduce capital expenditures by enabling employees share resources and applications without high-level capital expenditure on resources.

The old management fear that employees would be sleeping instead of working from home has been turned over by various studies. In fact, employees are more productive at home because of lack of interruption from other employees.

3.     Time Is Not Just Money, But Power

Commuting for work has now become an outdated concept, with more people opting for work from home. The old saying is true: time is money. Making the most of your time when on the move can boost your earning capabilities and bring value to your organization.

Mobile on cloud gives you the power to respond to customer queries around-the-clock and engage your customers with real-time messages and alerts. Certainly, it’s not just about your time, but also your customer’s time. Respect that you they are more likely to stay with you than go to competitors, especially at a time when customer service is more important than ever.

But People Love Mobile Apps!

Having said that mobile computing is the future doesn’t mean that your mobile will just have links to websites that work in any browser, instead of downloadable apps. Instead, applications will exist in both the formats.

The difference would be on the back-end. Apps will store your data in the cloud and not on the mobile device. The applications will become more powerful as processing power is also divested to the cloud. Mobile apps powered by the cloud are business-focused where data sharing, collaboration and multi-tasking are important factors.

Start With Your Business and Not the Platform

It’s easy to get tempted by the latest technologies. However, it is important to identify mobile computing opportunities with a clear head. Go through your value chain processes and the business analytics processes in your company. Identify pain points and issues where your company is not able to meet service-level expectations. Once you understand the problems, see which of these could possibly be improved by mobile computing

Wrapping It Up

This is all available now and technology will empower us even more as time passes. With the introduction of new applications, mobile computing will continue to change at an astounding rate and more benefits are sure to emerge as mobile computing is further refined. A new version will always be there just around the corner.

Technology always has the ability to transform the way business is done, as early adopters you can leverage it to distinguish yourself from competitors. Businesses that lay the right cloud foundation from the beginning will be in much stronger position to establish sustainable competitive advantage.
Moving forward, clients of the next generation would be looking for 24/7 interaction with the firm from anywhere. If your business does not have any mobile strategy, you are probably behind already.

written by Renuka Rana of Ace Cloud Hosting

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