There is no shortcut or easy way to get you more clients. But simple marketing techniques could help you stay ahead of your competitors and earn new clients.

There could be nothing like an economic downfall that would remind CPAs and accountants that marketing too is an essential part of doing business.

For sales people, the task is easier; they can run ads, cold call or beat the bushes for referrals. But it’s not possible for CPAs and accountants to go door to door. So how can they attract new clients?

Here are five tired and true marketing strategies that can help market your firm on a shoestring budget.

Regular Blogging Can Help Emphasize Your Niche

Many CPAs and accountants may find it awkward about writing a blog. After all, they are the numbers people who are more involved in handling complicated budgets. But by not having a blog, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Maintaining a regular blog is a struggle for everyone, but it’s especially difficult for accountants with their smaller budgets. They might not afford to have a dedicated copywriter.

Your staff is a wonderful place to start with. Leveraging your employees is perhaps one of the most effective ways to generate high quality content regularly.

Let’s be real – the only reason holding them back to blog is the nagging feeling that this is what they are getting paid for. Good content will not come for free, so offer them gift cards when someone contributes to the blog.

Quick Tip: You can’t make accounting fun, but can make it bearable by writing.

Ask For Referrals, Don’t Wait For Them

This would be one of the most common pieces of advice you would find for accountants. That’s because this is one of the best piece of advice there is. This business model has worked successfully for years.

Most accountants and CPAs are “shy” when it comes to asking for new business. After all, they tend to never learn how to market themselves. But accountants have to do it because they understand how important it is. This is something similar to changing baby’s nappies. Zero fun but has to be done.

Quick Tip: One true secret to get more referrals – Just ask. And don’t wait for next six months after your project is completed. Your existing client could be the fastest route to your next client.

Get Social, Gain Opportunity

Accountants are rapidly embracing the latest technologies to manage their financial activities. Yet, they seem to have not fully embraced the technologies for promoting their services. This could be because of people’s preconceptions of accountancy as a dry profession.

You’re probably ignoring social media because you think it’s a fad. Well, it’s time to stop ignoring social media. It’s not what you think about it. Social media is not just pictures of what you had for dinner or getting in touch with old classmates.

Social media has a business purpose too. These sites are free resources and work best to get the word out. For accountants, LinkedIn is one of the most important sites to be on. It offers an unprecedented access to a wide audience of new clients.

Quick Tip: Gimmicky slogans are now replaced by developing relationships with others, demonstrating your expertise.

A Website That Attracts More Clients

In today’s market, you have to put together a marketing plan and seek out clients proactively. And it starts with online presence. Clients are turning to the web to gauge legitimacy of a company and will require that your practice has a website as a prerequisite to working with you.

Accountants are busy professionals who don’t have much time to waste, particularly in the tax season when most CPAs burn the candles at both ends of the day.

No matter how busy accountants are, they cannot ignore the need to make rain. Consider your website as a sales team that works 24/7/365. They can easily convert idle browsers into leads without lifting a finger.

Quick Tip: A website can be considered as a constant window that allows prospects to explore business any time.

Don’t Market Yourself as an Accountant

One common mistake made by most accountants when it comes to marketing – they sell themselves as accountants. But wait, “I am an accountant”, we can hear the protests. Yes, you’re right. You are an accountant but the bad news is that the majority of your prospects don’t want an accountant. They want the best solution for their problems, a solution that only an accountant can provide.

Most businesses look at things in three ways: is it necessary, how much will it make me or save me?

Companies need you because they have a hole in their business and it would be your job to fill that hole.  This is the golden rule in marketing. You don’t sell features, sell benefits. So, give them what you can offer them, what sets you apart and your range of services.

Quick Tip: You focus on being an accountant while your prospects would focus on what business needs from an accountant.

Wrapping It Up

These are few sound tips to keep your marketing program rolling even during busy season. What is important is that prospects find your name when they are searching for the services they need.

Many accountants, especially those starting out, don’t have lots to spend on marketing. While the old saying – you need to spend money to make money – is true. If you believe in your services, you should be 100% interested to invest in getting your services into the world.

Marketing for accountants could sound easier in theory. It won’t take too long to figure out that it isn’t a piece of cake. Tax season can put all the tasks on hold. But remember that your competitors are always working. If you are not able to find potential clients, someone else will.

Keep your marketing engine revving with new leads.

written by Renuka Rana of Ace Cloud Hosting

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