A regular 9 to 5 job is a tiring and monotonous activity. Just after few years, this not only becomes boring for most of the people but it also creates the feeling among persons that they can’t achieve their dreams with just an ordinary job. On the other hand, they see their entrepreneur friend who is making good money and enjoying his life just after few years of successful business experience. This certainly creates the passion among the employees to do something big and they seriously consider starting a business to fulfill their dreams.

But starting a business is not always easy and one may face several risks that create hurdles for him becoming a successful entrepreneur. It is especially true for newcomers as they are usually short of capital and unaware about the severe competition that they may face in the market.

Limited resources and tough competition are the two main hurdles that are faced by new entrepreneurs and it is the main reason that many stick with their ordinary job where they are getting low but sure salary after doing an unexciting but rather simple work. But getting your dream business is not such an impossible task. There are many who have proved that determination and few tested points that can easily bring success to any new business.

Following this simple but effective strategy will greatly assist you in fulfilling your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Right down a Complete Business Plan:

The initial thing required for any successful business venture is a highly thought out plan. You must be aware about the type of business that suits you according to your financial resources. Your plan must contain the products and services you are going to offer, your target audience, the type of employees you need etc. After preparing the whole list of necessary items, just combine them accordingly and your initial step will complete. Now, you will be required to practically implement the plan of your new business.

Choose the Right Location:

Selecting the right location for physical presence of your company has extreme importance. A lot of research is required to select the right type of location for your intended business. Many factors have to be examined before choosing the most appropriate place for the type of business you are willing to start.

The things you must consider is that there should not be much competition in the area you are choosing, the comfort of people to reach that site and the safety record of the location. All these factors are extremely important especially for new businesses as they can’t afford undue disruption in the start of their process.

Complete Legal Process:

A business can’t take any legal risk whether it is a Dubai business setup or a company in Paris. All the legal documents must be completed before the formal start of your business. Choosing a unique name, acquiring proper license(s) from related authorities and getting tax number are important and unavoidable conditions for any business.

There are possibilities that you may face legal issues in the beginning and also later stages of your business. You can easily avoid this problem by either hiring a full time lawyer or get attached to a reputable law firm. Spending money for this purpose is mandatory and you can’t save money by avoiding solution of legal issues.

Spend Wisely:

Most of the small businesses can’t afford to waste their precious money in cosmetic steps. But even if there is no shortage of money, ruining your assets is against the norms of business and you can’t expect to get better results without saving some extra money. You can’t predict about the future of any business and it is always advisable to save something for the time when things are not going well.

If you have spare resources, then you can wait for return of favorable time for your business. It will help you stick with your desired business and may result in achieving your dreams with the same type of business after some time.

Always ready for change in Circumstances:

Always keep an eye on various circumstances related to your business. Government rules can change at any time while economic conditions on local and international level can bring lot of changes to different types of businesses. Unless you are aware about the changes and take immediate steps to counter the alter situation, it is not possible for any new business to flourish. You must be proactive and take important steps before your competitors.


About the Author

Brenda Cagara is a part of the business consultant team RIZ & MONA in Dubai. Her work is to assist the formation of companies in different states of UAE. Other services she takes a part in are visa processing, trade license, trade mark, bank account opening, product registration and local sponsors. Along with this, she vigilantly manages to pursue her writing career. Since the past five years, she has been writing on different niches. The top ones are business, taxation and finance.

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