For those that are hunting for an opportunity and happen to be around the vicinity, feel free to stop by  The Macao Franchise Expo 2014 (MFE). It  will be held from July 4-6 at the Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel Hall A.  With enriched event program, and more renowned brands participated this year, MFE provides opportunities for you to find the ideal partner and conduct business. 2014 MFE is an ideal platform for business starters, franchisees and SME transformation, it will be open to public on 5-6 July.

Your Gateway to Franchise Business

The Macao Franchise Expo 2014 (MFE) provides opportunities for you to access the strong consumer market. Here you can find:

  • Over 100 franchisors, chain operators and branded products from all over the world;
  • Industries covering food and beverages, retail, services, education, leisure and entertainment, and more;
  • Exhibitions, business matching sessions, forums and presentations under one roof.

Numerous networking activities are available for participants looking to conduct business discussions and meetings!

Event Highlights

Over 100 international brands
Brands from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Portugal, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Switzerland, New Zealand and Latvia

Forum and Workshops for Young Entrepreneurs Start Up & SME Transformation
Franchise Academy: provide up-to-date professional information for those who are interested in starting up own business or planned to develop a franchise operation

Professional Franchise Consultation Service Invited Specialists from the Chinese mainland, Singapore and Taiwan to answer questions regarding retail and franchise operations in the mainland and South East Asia Market – Must Join for those who plans to expand beyond Macao!

MFE Culinary Plaza & Food Tasting

Free Admission and on-site business matching

Visit MFE website to find out more


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