iflix, Southeast Asia’s leading Internet TV service, offering subscribers unlimited access to thousands of hours of entertainment for a low monthly price, today announced it has entered into multiple content agreements with Hollywood’s top studios, including Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution (“Fox”),BBC Worldwide (“BBC”), and Warner Bros. International Television Distribution (“WBITD”) to offer iflix subscribers the best in television and film programming.

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The catalogue deals feature award-winning TV series such as:
• Fox’s Homeland and American Horror Story;
• The longest running sci-fi TV show in the world, Doctor Who, as well as global crime drama hit Sherlock from the BBC
• Seven seasons of WBITD comedy series The Big Bang Theory

Also available on iflix will be:
• Some of Fox’s most popular shows such as Modern Family, Sons of Anarchy,Sleepy Hollow, New Girl, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
• BBC’s critically acclaimed conspiracy thriller Orphan Black;
• 10 seasons of WBIT’s all-time fan favourite comedy Friends, as well as WBIT’s hot new superhero series Arrow.

In addition, iflix subscribers will also have unlimited access to WBITD’s great action movies Superman Returns, Batman Begins, Green Lantern and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, to name a few, rounding out the 10,000 hours of top TV shows and
movies available in 2015.










iflix Group CEO, Mark Britt commented: “We are thrilled to be partnering with some of the world’s top TV and film studios. Each has a long established history of excellence in producing popular, award-winning content in every genre and for every generation.”

Britt continued: “We have made a commitment to deliver the best selection of television series and movies to Southeast Asian consumers. These deals with Fox, BBC and WBIT are integral pieces in fulfilling that promise.”

Fox Vice President Sales, Asia at Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution, Brendan Zauner said, “We are excited about the opportunity to work with iflix in Malaysia. The SVOD business is here to stay and being able to partner with a professional operator like iflix, getting in at the ground level is something we value at Fox. It is true to our vision of providing the world’s best content to people wherever they happen to be, in whatever manner they choose to consume it.”

Said Monty Ghai, SVP and GM of Southeast Asia for BBC: “This partnership with iflix represents an exciting step for us. It is the first time that our slate of world class content will be available on an OTT platform in Malaysia. We look forward to growing our
relationship with the iflix team in the years ahead.”

Launching in key Southeast Asian markets, including Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam throughout 2015, iflix will offer consumers more than 10,000 hours of top U.S., Asian regional, and local TV shows and movies. Each subscription will allow a user to access the service on five devices, as well as download content to their mobile, tablet, computer, or television set, for viewing anywhere, anytime.


iflix is a partnership between highly successful, disruptive local entrepreneurs and Hollywood heavyweights. Catcha Group and Evolution Media Capital have joined together to create an Internet TV service for Southeast Asia that provides access to
thousands of hours of top TV shows and movies from all over the world. From Hollywood and Hong Kong, Seoul and Shanghai, Thailand and Tokyo, iflix places the entertainment you want at your fingertips. For one low monthly fee, subscribers to iflix have unlimited access on their mobile phone, laptop, tablet, TV… anywhere, anytime.


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