Tourists and professionals cashing in on the short-term home rental boom can finally stopworrying about food, toiletries and other essentials upon arrival—and stock up instead online using TimeResQ! The concierge startup sells a wide variety of “packages” provided by locals filled with at-home comforts—easily pre-orderable for delivery to a foreign holiday destination—on a fully responsive website, eliminating the stress and hassle of hunting for groceries and other sundries, subway tickets, airport transfers, local SIM cards and more.

TimeResQ targets specifically leisure and business travellers who are utilising short-stay home rental services, such as Airbnb and HomeAway. The home rental business is booming—with Airbnb, for example, valued at $2.7 billion, with more than $250 million in revenue in 2013. But 30% of travellers refuse home rentals due to the lack of services and comforts provided. TimeResQ eliminates that barrier, and is the first go-to service to focus on the traveller, not just the hosts.

“It’s our belief that the short term home rental segment will continue to boom for many more years thanks to the constant increase of travellers and home offers,” says TimeResQ CEO Jeremy Bryant. “Such a young industry is still far from perfect and ensuring satisfying its guests is the way to go—TimeResQ fills that need. Now you’ll arrive before a long day of sightseeing or
business meetings to a full fridge, bar, nursery or briefcase.”

Upon launch, TimeResQ will reach a little over 1 percent of the global foreign overnight stay traffic, giving it the perfect position to take advantage of this rapidly expanding service industry. The company aims to cover over 30 international cities within 23 countries in its first year alone.

At launch, these cities include: New York, Paris, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon, Porto, Copenhagen, Prague, Pune, Toronto, Mexico City, Mumbai and St Petersburg — 16 cities total.

The team behind TimeResQ are international experts in supply chain, marketing and large-scale digital tech builds. The innovation extends beyond the product — the structure of the distribution network is also disrupting existing business models. All local TimeResQ implementations are locally held and managed, for maximum commitment, oversight and flexibility. This localization also allows for rapid scalability—and many more satisfied travellers.

Visit to see for yourself—and for once, truly enjoy your stay!



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