I’m super happy to announce that Mailbird is among the 8 finalists for Channel News Asia’s (Singapore) show called ‘Start Up’. The first three episodes has already aired and you can watch them by clicking below.


Where We Need Your Help?

As you know Mailbird 2.0 is due to come out very soon, we want every Windows user in this world to become more productive with it. To achieve this, we launched a crowdfunding campaign recently in association with Channel News Asia to raise funds to better promote Mailbird 2.0. Check out the camapign here. 

Our goal is to raise $10,000 by March 9th and we have already reached $4,274.

How Can You Help?

1. Contribute: If you really believe in Mailbird, please consider contributing to the campaign so we can reach our goal. You can contribute here.

There are awesome rewards if you contribute including Free Pro subscription, 50% off on Lifetime licenses of Mailbird 2.0 along with Free subscriptions of Evernote, Dropbox, Moo.do and others. If you contribute high enough, you can also meet and work with our team in exotic Bali and impact how people use Mailbird in future. See all the rewards here.

Also, if we surpass our $10,000 goal, all extra funds will be donated to International Diabetes Federation. It is something close to my heart as I have been battling Diabetes throughout my life.


2. Share: If you don’t want to contribute, you can help us spread the word about this campaign so more people outside our circle can know about it. It will hardly take a minute of your time.

If you’re on twitter, please tweet this.

If you’re on facebook, please post the following: “Mailbird crowdfunding campaign is now Live! Check out their rewards and help them win Start Up show by Channel News Asia – goo.gl/bW8wTj Help spread the word.”

Yet Another Surprise

We love showering surprises on you. Our first surprise was that if we reach $5,000 goal by Feb 16, our team member Christin will do a headstand for 20 mins. Even though we didn’t reach that goal we told Christin that we did and she did it anyway. Watch the headstand video here.

Our next surprise will arrive when we reach our crowdfunding goal and that will directly come from me. ūüôā

We are really looking forward to your support. In case you have any questions just email us and I’ll be happy to help.


All the best,
Andrea Loubier |  Co-founder, CEO
|  GetMailbird.com
|  @aloubier
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