With the spotlight on new never seen before inventions, first of its kind products, and ground breaking ideas. There is a sense of optimism and enthusiasm that everyone can be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Evan Spiegel.  The inspirational stories from nobodies to somebodies have dominated the media over a long period of time now, like a drug, entrepreneurs alike are frenzying to become the next somebody. Especially when the young entrepreneurs, loses track of what truly is needed to be focused on rather than just the idea, to create a successful business.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with stories describing the journey of an outlier, the more exposure to such stories can lead to great un-measureable potential benefits, such as a motivated community to challenge and make improvements upon society. Increasing the belief and developing an affirmation to continue to pursue an individual’s swept away concepts and ideas. However just like everything in this world there are consequences to every action.  With the media and public obsessed with finding the next game breaking invention. The young entrepreneurs are easily led astray in attaining the right frame of mind and guidance to achieving a real successful business idea, invention, or experience.

The media portrayal of a simple platform such as Facebook, connecting people online and Snapchat, a mobile application that records a few second video that deletes itself, can be such a big hit and earn the creators millions in a short span of time. Creates a sense of innocence, that if an individual has a great idea it is bound to succeed and make millions for the individual.  Everyone has great ideas, no doubt about it, but not all great ideas are needed by society. The media focuses on the idea itself but fails to inform the public that most great ideas were an improvement to an already existing service, product, or experience.

The young entrepreneur’s motivation is usually centered towards creating a never been done before idea, invention, or experience, which is great, if they understand the fundamental core aspect of a successful business, that is how can I improve this existing experience, service, or product. Improvement should be the main focus of the young entrepreneurs, improvements does not necessarily have to be game changing or out of this world, simple things such as saving cost, improving efficiency, and creating an overall better existing experience is more than adequate to succeed in creating a successful meaningful business.

Building from improvement, to make any type of improve the person would require specialization in a particular field. Not everyone can just construct a fully functional website nor is everyone bestowed with superior programming knowledge. We as individuals have our particular specialization. Specialization we build from our exposures to many different factors in our everyday life. Thinking inside the box, within your well-endowed set of parameters will lead you to unlocking what the community truly demands. Do not dream big but dream realistically.

The young entrepreneurs should focus on improvement, coupled with a good grasp of their particular specialized skill sets they acquired. In doing so will lead to the right approach and mind set, which in turns leads to a truly amazing product, service, or experience that promotes real changes and facilitates improvements in society. Not everyone can build flying cars or find the formula to eternal life just yet, but everyone can contribute to their specialized fields in order to build a better future.


About the Author

This article was written by Kai Lin Tu of Region International, a selling arm of Region Group which focuses on selling steel fasteners to the United States market. Kai Lin hopes to develop and promote enhanced thought processing among people to cultivate fresh understandings on thought provoking topics.

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