Launched early 2013 in Singapore, DrinkEntrepreneurs – the world’s largest startup networking event series organised 100% by volunteers – is further building its reach within Southeast Asia through a strategic partnership with The Asian Entrepreneur. “Over the past year or two, we’ve seen great resonance and secured key partnerships for our events in Singapore and the region. Right now, we’re focusing on strengthening our brand in Asia to reach even more start-up communities in this part of the world and infuse them with the culture that makes our events and global network rather unique” says Philipp Kristian Diekhöner, Singapore organiser and member of the international DrinkEntrepreneurs team.

”The Asian Entrepreneurs is a great local partner in Asia – relevant, embedded in the start-up scene and driven by mutual values. We imagine a bright future for this collaboration.” Running every month in ten Asian cities and a total of forty locations around the world, this relaxed get-together of an eclectic range of individuals with a shared passion for entrepreneurship is a prime example of organic growth. “What struck us about the gathering here in Singapore is that it has changed the culture of networking events and inspired the emergence of similar formats” comments Michael Chang of The Asian Entrepreneur editorial team. “They’re the kind of platform the local start-up scene was craving for.”
Endorsing no specific format or agenda, the event organisers describe each mixer as an act of improvisation; a social experience co-created by its participants. “Many would have thought this could never work here, but what we hear from attendees every single time is how much they enjoyed the event, and how it’s a natural way to meet new people, learn from each other and have a great evening together,” Diekhöner remarks. “We’re also asked why this event is free, and whether the organisers could give a speech or something, but that’s not what this is about. I’m doing this out of love for spreading interest in entrepreneurial ways of life, and my role at the events is purely that of facilitator: Ensuring guests have a splendid time and make lasting professional connections.”
“Based on the way we operate, our collaboration with DrinkEntrepreneurs is a natural fit, and I’m convinced we’ll equally benefit from each other’s reach and reputation” concludes Chang. Apart from monthly event announcements, both parties are considering a variety of initiatives to enhance the event itself and add value to entrepreneurial circles.
The next DrinkEntrepreneurs Singapore is happening tomorrow, 8pm, at Bedrock Bar & Grill (Tuesday August 12)
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