The Indonesia based Tech Startup Mailbird announced today that it will be launching a rather unusual Crowd-Funding Campaign. The Crowd-Funding Campaign will be in cooperation with Channel News Asia, one of Asia’s biggest TV Channels! Mailbird will be using a platform specially designed for the purpose by the TV Channel effective February 9, 2015.

Mailbird is targeting to raise up to 10000SG$. These funds will be used for Marketing purposes for their epic Mailbird 2.0 launch coming in the first Quarter of this year.

The money raised will be invested in the following areas:

1) Online Advertising

2) Production of Image movies

3) Content Marketing

4) Sponsorship (online and offline)

5) Offline Marketing

6) Production of Marketing Materials and Collateral

Mailbird expects to grow investor confidence and to widen its user base significantly.




About Mailbird:

team illustration


Mailbird was founded by CEO Andrea Loubier, CPO Michael Bodekaer and CTO Michael Olsen 2012 in Bali. The initial idea was to create a Sparrow like Email Client for the well underserved Windows market. With more and more new added features the Email Client has become a productivity tool enhancing the email experience of its users.

The following are only a few examples of existing features, supporting the user in the daily battle of organising and managing their Email Inbox:

  • The first ever integrated Speed Reader
  • Attachment Quick Preview • Clean In-Line Reply feature
  • Multiple Account support for IMAP and POP3
  • Integrated Apps • Multi-language support
  • Quick Compose – allowing you to open a new message window even if the app is not active
  • Attachment Search – simple and yet brilliant, searching your email by attachment
  • LinkedIn Look-up function.

The Email Client has been awarded best amongst its competitors by renowned magazines such as PcWorld (2013) and IT World (2014). Mailbird also received the Sparxup Productivity award in 2012. With its headquarters in Bali, the Tech savvy Rockstars behind the Mailbird scenes are based around the world in Java, India, Spain and Denmark.



Mailbird is going 2.0!

The international tech startup Mailbird, with a hub in exotic Bali announced the release of the first major update called Mailbird 2.0 the first Quarter of 2015.

The Mailbird email client has been awarded best amongst its competitors by renowned magazines such as PCWorld (2013) and IT World (2014).

The launch of Mailbird 2.0 will be accompanied by a rather unusual Crowd-Funding campaign. The campaign will be supported by one of Asia’s biggest News Channels, whose name can not be revealed yet. The Channel created their own platform for this campaign. The generated funds of will allow for the team to allocate marketing resources into bringing Mailbird 2.0 to the masses around the world on Windows/PC.

New features transform this email client into a unique productivity tool, differentiating itself even more from other Apps such as rather outdated Mozilla Thunderbird and expensive Outlook for example.

Mailbird 2.0 will include the following new features:

1) New apps:, Evernote, Veeting, Dropbox, Todoist – easy and simple access to all the productivity add-ons you need to keep your inbox under control and your productivity at its best.
2) Touchscreen Swipe – organising emails has never been so simple and fun.
3) New Notification Center – because we want Mailbird to be the easiest and smartest email application you’ve ever used to help save you time, teach you the best email habits hands on and provide all the productive email help and time management you can get.
4) Drag and drop emails into folders – This was a highly requested feature so we are excited to deliver this into the hands of our eager Mailbird users.
5) New licensing system – We are always looking for ways to make it easier for Mailbird Pro users to activate their Pro account(s).
6) New design and custom themes – Because we know that you are more productive when you can customise your primary work tool so that it is a real part of you, because people and their unique taste matters in our interaction and relationship with software today. It’s simply beautiful.

The Sparrow inspired email client promises to enhance the email experience by always keeping with the intent: Simple is better. A clean, uncluttered and intuitive UI enables users of any age to master the app within less than 5 minutes.

10 Tech-Rockstars form the Mailbird Team and are located in 5 different countries around the world. Constantly improving the App and its features, their mission is to help people around the world reach Inbox Zero, every day and to actually make that email experience enjoyable.

 Great features such as Wingman integration, Unified Inbox and Advanced Search are on Mailbirds Roadmap and will be one of the last steps to turning this awesome productivity tool into your personal productivity hub.


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