Since its formation in 1978, Mag Property Development has evolved to become a powerful and vibrant group of more than 50 companies and branches covering almost every country in the world with over 2,000 employees.

As the CEO of MAG Property Development, Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah is responsible for overseeing the company’s overall direction and its organisational strategy. Heading the organisation’s six departments – Finance, Project Management, Sales, Marketing, Administration and Legal, Talal’s leadership and management skills are driving MAG Property Development to new heights. Talal’s aim is to consolidate MAG Property Development’s position as one of the top five real estate developers in the UAE, with the ultimate goal of expanding the company’s already considerable footprint to the Far East, Europe, the USA and even further afield.

Talal’s drive and enthusiasm is underpinned by his extensive background of industry success, much of it attained within the MAG Group. Prior to being appointed to his current role, he was Director of Sales and Marketing at Invest Group Overseas – a property development arm of MAG Group and the sister company for MAG Property Development. During his tenure, Talal achieved sales of AED1.5 billion in 12 months for The Polo Townhouses and The Polo Residence in Dubai, UAE. He was also instrumental in opening up new markets, including the successful launch of The Gate in Frisco City, Texas, USA. The entire Texas development was initiated by Talal and he was responsible for overseeing its every aspect from conception to completion. Talal’s dynamism in his role was enhanced by a year spent learning Leadership in Communication Strategy skills at the renowned UCLA in California, USA, where he was a student from 2011 to 2012. His studies enhanced the Bachelor’s degree in Business he was awarded in the Netherlands in 2007.

MAG Property Development is the real estate development arm of MAG Group- one of the region’s largest corporate entities. The division is spearheading MAG Group’s ambition to be at the forefront of the region’s real estate industry through its dedication to the group’s corporate philosophy of innovation and continuous improvement. MAG Property Development aims to be a leader in the real estate construction industry by employing the highest standards to make a difference in people’s lives. MAG Property Development is committed to MAG Group’s code of ethics that base its business practices on honesty and integrity – uncompromising principles that are reflected at every level of its operations.

MAG Group started out from humble beginnings in 1978 to become a major business conglomerate with an extensive overseas reach. In less than 40 years, entrepreneur and MAG Group founder Moafaq Al Gaddah has grown his holdings from a single spare parts trading concern in Abu Dhabi into an international empire of around 50 companies, covering the sectors of manufacturing, auto parts, real estate, education, contracting, hospitality, freight, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, the marine industry and logistics.

There are now MAG offices across the Middle East, GCC, China, Turkey, Iraq and the USA, employing over 2,000 staff. MAG Group’s spectacular level of growth and success in under four decades has been attributed in part to the organisation’s incredibly high ethical standards. Throughout its expansion and movement into new industry sectors, MAG Group has developed an enviable reputation for integrity, transparency and financial probity in all its operations.

The real estate division’s (MAG Property Development’s) state- of-the-art residential buildings include MAG Complex (Sharjah), MAG 214 (Dubai’s JLT), MAG 218 (Dubai Marina) and MAG 5 Residences (Abu Dhabi). Amongst MAG Property Development’s forthcoming projects include an exciting project located in Downtown, MAG 5 Boulevard in Dubai South, MAG 230, which is situated on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road facing Al Barari; MAG 226 at Jumeirah Village Circle; The Polo Residence (Meydan); The Polo Townhouses (Meydan); Worldcare Wellness Centre (DHCC); Art Centre (Dubai) and Shoumous Residential (Sharjah).

MAG Property Development strongly believes in following His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision. Its success has been due to this ethos and it is this DNA that runs through the group. His vision of Dubai Marina led to the development of MAG 218. His vision of JLT led to the development of MAG 214. When his vision then shifted towards building the Financial Centre, MAG PD built Emirates Financial Towers. He then decided to move the equestrian world from Nad El Sheba to Meydan, where (via its sister company IGO) they have since completed 106 homes in The Polo Townhouses and are halfway through a one of a kind, gated apartment community project called The Polo Residence. It has long since been proven that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum will act on his vision and it is important for MAG PD to do so as well. The announcement of Dubai South in August 2015 led to the MAG 5 Boulevard project. The importance of happiness and affordability are a top priority for His Highness and MAG Property Development are developing within the city of happiness, housing the largest and most expensive airport in the world and – of course – the EXPO 2020.

Along with MAG 230 (AED700 million), MAG 226 (AED250 million) and Worldcare Wellness Centre (AED 1 billion), Talal is now implementing his current project worth AED700 million. MAG Property Development’s most recent launch has been MAG 5 Boulevard- a new integrated and affordable residential community. Offering 1,172 residential units, as well as providing retail, dining, leisure and entertainment amenities, MAG 5 Boulevard is a 24-hour walkable living community covering more than 800,000ft2 of land. Handover for the development is scheduled to commence in Q4 2018. This project will be the first developed community in Dubai South, with several facilities that ensure that all residents will have access to many activities within their own backyard. A community pool, club house and landscaping will enrich the social life of the MAG 5 Boulevard community. The buildings are all designed to be in harmony with the surrounding environment of Dubai South, with the company committed to creating a green development that complies with the new direction for Dubai’s buildings to be environmentally friendly.

Talal is renowned for his leadership skills and selecting the right people around him. As a result, MAG PD is one of the top employers in the UAE and selection is key. He is also known for his attention to detail- a skill that makes all the difference in the world of development. His natural abilities allow him to determine successful land purchase by envisaging what could be built there and by recognizing the gaps in the market. He listens, learns and guides all at the same time. For him, the most important thing is to not sit on any item and to make sure he keeps moving forward. Decision-making is key. Talal has to make many decisions on a daily basis and make them fast. His mentor is the chairman, whom he has seen grow to extremely great heights and ,having had the opportunity to shadow him, he now has the opportunity to unleash AED 6 billion worth of real estate within the next three years and the vision to become known as the number one developer in the MENA region.

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